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Name: Jiangxi Biological Products Research Institute Co., Ltd.

Address: National Jinggangshan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ji'an City, Jiangxi Province


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Company news
Review and Prospects Encourage the Start of the Jiangxi Bioproducts Research Institute 2016 Work Summary and Advanced Commendation Conference
Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products, poverty alleviation, Fuzhi, and other support
Congratulations on the company won the national advanced collective of scientific and technological work
Our company was approved by the expert group of the provincial enterprise technology center.
Jingkai District Enterprises Accurate Poverty Alleviation in Action
Lingshang Village Committee and Jiangxi Biological Products Co., Ltd. launched a donation campaign for “precise poverty alleviation and village-enterprise marriage”
Focus on the party members of the non-public enterprise party organization in our district to play a leading role
General Manager Yao Xiaodong participated in the Pharmaceutical Industry Research Conference hosted by the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee
Tu Qiongli Zhu Xi Liu Dingming accompanied by Wang Ping Liu Liangen Liu Zhijian Deng Shubin Jiao Xuejun accompanied
"Female scientists walked to the grassroots level" Wang Zhizhen, Cheng Donghong, Wu Haiying, etc. Li Huadong, Luo Ying, Peng Linghua, accompanied by Wang Ping, Xiao Hongbo, etc.
Witness the miracle, thanks for the 2014 Jiangxi Biological 2014 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference was successfully held
Jiangxi Bio has won the "WHO GMP" certification
Congratulations on the company won the national advanced collective of scientific and technological work
I am pleased to receive the title of the seventh civilized unit.
Congratulations on our election as the governing unit of the 3rd Pharmaceutical Industry Association
Participate in the grand event, the image of the tree, the posture
Interview with the company Listening to comments Liu Zonghua surveyed in our district Deng Shubin accompanied
Solidarity, hard work, hard work, 2013 work summary, commendation conference report
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