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With a long history of five thousand years, it has nurtured profound national culture, and has a long history of experience with Chinese characteristics. It is an enduring treasure in the management of cultural arts. It is like the stars in summer, shining with dazzling brilliance, and it is like flowers in spring, emitting a fragrant fragrance. When we quietly open a book and wander in the sea of books, knowledge accompanies us in every step of our life. This is our own desire of enterprise managers and the sincere desire of the company's talent growth.
At 16:00 p.m. on November 2, 2021, the company's mid-level reading kick-off meeting was held in front of the office building lobby, and more than 30 senior executives and people at or above the middle and grassroots level participated in the kick-off meeting. First of all, the office introduced the goal and significance of this reading meeting in detail. In order to enable the company's managers to correctly understand their roles and do a good job in positioning themselves, according to the relevant requirements of the Notice on Further Strengthening the Company's Management issued by the company, the company organized the first reading conference in November. The current learning content is "Management's Role Cognition and Positioning". The relevant learning materials have been sent to everyone for learning, and a learning content will be determined monthly in the future, Please study hard and understand deeply in combination with your own work and actual situation, and make learning notes and experiences. The company will hold a learning experience sharing meeting at the end of this month, at which time some students will be randomly selected to participate.
"There is a golden house in a book, and a beautiful face in a book." There is light in the book, which can illuminate the heart of our managers, and there is sound of nature in the book, which can let us return to the embrace of nature and return to simplicity; In the book, there are bright and intelligent leaps, feelings flowing, ups and downs extending, poetic expression, and inspiration of innovative management. Let the fragrance of books permeate our harmonious factory, and let good books grow healthily with us together with the company.
Yao Xiaodong, the general manager, stressed in the mobilization that we should take this book meeting as an opportunity to learn more and think more. A new book is like a ship, leading us from a narrow place to an infinite ocean. We love reading, because books let us understand the glorious culture of our motherland; We love reading, because books show us a colorful world; We love reading, because books teach us the truth of life; We love reading, because books give us the skills to survive, develop and innovate in science and technology. Therefore, we should combine practical learning with post learning, think in learning, apply in learning, and play in practice to truly solve the problems in work. We should learn new ideas, new knowledge and new skills from books, exchange experience and experience with colleagues, and apply the learned knowledge to the company's innovative management, innovative technology and innovative thinking; We should make contributions to the seniors, wisdom and wisdom of the people around us. Perseverance, starting from the past and accumulating over time, we will be able to achieve the height of "success when doing business and success when doing business".
Here, I would like to propose to all employees of the company, especially the management above the middle and grass-roots level, that under the company's initiative, we should provide ourselves with time and space for quiet reading, actively participate in the reading activities held by the company, and share the good time of reading with colleagues, and share the deep fun of reading.
Colleagues, read! Let's take the reading activity as a new cultivation and sowing, let the charming and thick fragrance of books float in our factory and home, and let the reading life accompany every step of the company's growth. I wish my colleagues have gained a lot in reading activities, and will move towards a better future with more confidence and fulfillment!

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