Make good use of red resources, continue the red bloodline, and strive to create a new performance worthy of history and the people.



      Today, the Central Political Bureau for the thirty-first collective study, the content is to use the red resources, continue the red bloodline. This collective study is an important arrangement for the Central Political Bureau to take the lead in Party history learning and education.
      Just now, we visited the Red Building of Peking University, the former residence of Chairman Mao in Fengze Park, both of which have landmark significance in the history of the Party. Peking University Red Building is closely related to the founding of the Party, Peking University is the center of the new cultural movement and the origins of the May Fourth Movement, the earliest spread of Marxist ideas in China, but also our Party in Beijing in the early revolutionary activities of the historical witness, in the process of building the Party has an important position. The former residence of Chairman Mao in Fengze Park is closely related to the establishment of New China, where Chairman Mao worked and lived for 17 years from September 21, 1949, planning a series of major policies and strategies for the establishment and construction of New China. The history of these two places vividly explains how the Communist Party of China came to be and how the People's Republic of China came to be, giving us a vivid and lively lesson in Party history.
      Red is the brightest color of the Communist Party of China and the People's Republic of China. Red resources are scattered all over the vast land of more than 9.6 million square kilometers in China, and the red bloodline has been passed down from generation to generation in the great course of the Party's united struggle to lead the Chinese people for a hundred years. Every historical event, every revolutionary hero, every revolutionary spirit and every revolutionary cultural relic represents the glorious course our Party has taken and the significant achievements it has made, showing our Party's dream and pursuit, sentiment and commitment, sacrifice and dedication, and converging into the red bloodline of our Party. The red bloodline is the centralized embodiment of the political essence of the CPC and the source of spiritual power of the CPC in the new era.
      After the closing of the 18th Party Congress, comrades of the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau visited the exhibition "The Road to Revival" together, reviewing the arduous journey of the Chinese nation up and down since modern times, I stressed the need to take up the historical mission of realizing the Chinese dream of great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. After the closing of the 19th Party Congress, the Standing Committee of the Central Political Bureau visited the site of the First Communist Party Congress in Shanghai and the Red Boat at South Lake in Jiaxing, declaring to the whole Party and the whole country the firm determination to continue the red bloodline and take the long march of the new era. Since the 18th Party Congress, I have been visiting places to see the revolutionary shrines, red sites and revolutionary history memorial sites of great historical significance to our party, and I have basically visited all the major ones. From the site of the First Party Congress to the Party's various important revolutionary bases, from the Land Revolution, the War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, the Liberation War memorial sites to the socialist revolution and construction, reform and opening up important memorial sites, etc., each place, to revisit the period of the great years, review the difficult course of the Party all the way, the soul was a shock, the spirit was a baptism. Each time is with reverence to go, with a lot of feelings back. In the celebration of the 95th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China General Assembly, I stressed: "all forward, can not forget the road taken; go farther, go to the more glorious future, can not forget the past, can not forget why we started."
      Looking back at the past, looking ahead to the journey, we must always continue the red bloodline, with the party's struggle and great achievements to inspire morale and guide the direction, with the party's glorious traditions and fine style of firm belief, cohesion, with the party's historical experience and practical creation to enlighten wisdom, sharpening character, continue to open up, pioneering forward.
      At present, the whole party is celebrating the centenary of the founding of the party, in-depth study and education on party history. Party organizations at all levels to make good use of red resources, education to guide the majority of party members, cadres continue the red bloodline, to learn history to understand, learn history to increase confidence, learn history to learn virtue, learn history to do. The key is to grasp the following points.
      First, education to guide the party always adhere to scientific theory guidance. We just visited the red building of Peking University, leaving behind Li Dazhao, Chen Duxiu and other founders of the party to spread Marxism. The wide spread of Marxism in China gave birth to the Chinese Communist Party, and Marxism has given our party a scientific worldview and methodology, and a powerful ideological weapon to understand and transform the world. Comrade Mao Zedong said, "The theoretical basis on which we dare to think, speak, do and act is Marxism-Leninism." It is because of the guidance of Marxism, our party can do a clear-eyed, firm will, in front of the key choices do not waver, in front of the hardships and difficulties do not shrink, in front of the crisis is not depressed, confidently towards victory.
      The history of our party is a history of promoting the Chineseization of Marxism, the continuous enrichment and development of Marxism, and a history of using Marxist theory to understand and transform China. Over the past century, our Party has insisted on combining the basic principles of Marxism with China's specific reality, and has founded Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory, formed the "Three Represents" important thought and the Scientific Outlook on Development, and created the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, which has guided the Party and the people to break new ground in their undertakings. Why the Communist Party of China can, why socialism with Chinese characteristics is good, fundamentally, because Marxism line. We need to feel the power of truth from the party's hundred-year history of struggle, and constantly deepen our understanding of the laws of Communist Party rule, socialist construction, and the laws of human social development, and use the light of truth of Marxism to shine on our way forward.
      Second, education to guide the whole party always adhere to the ideals and beliefs. I have repeatedly quoted "revolutionary ideals are higher than the sky" to illustrate the importance of ideals and beliefs. The name of our party is "Communist Party" because we have identified the lofty ideal of communism. Looking back at the history of the Party for a century, millions of Communists have thrown their heads and blood for their ideals and beliefs. Li Dazhao, who walked to the gallows, swore that "Communism will surely win a glorious victory in China". Facing the enemy's butcher's knife, Xia Minghan wrote, "It doesn't matter if you chop off your head, as long as your ideology is true. After killing Xia Minghan, there will be others after him". Facing the enemy's surrender nine times in six days, Qu Qubai made a resounding reply: "People love their own history more than birds love their own wings, please don't tear my history. Comrade Deng Xiaoping said, "In our most difficult period, the ideal of communism was our spiritual pillar, and many people sacrificed to realize this ideal."
      Today, we have long been away from the dangerous situation of war and fire, and have been living in peace for a long time, and are most likely to suffer from the "cartilage disease" of lack of ideals and beliefs. Communism is our party's lofty ideal, in order to achieve this lofty ideal, it is necessary to firmly believe in socialism with Chinese characteristics. All party comrades should enhance the "four consciousness", firm "four self-confidence", in the comprehensive construction of a modernized socialist country on the new journey of thorns and thorns, and strive to move forward, and continue to seize a new victory of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.
      Third, education to guide the whole party always adhere to the original mission. Remembering and practicing the original mission of working for the happiness of the Chinese people and the rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is a red line that runs through the century-long history of our Party's struggle. The fundamental reason why our Party was able to develop and grow up in such a weak situation and be reborn again and again amidst all the difficulties and dangers is that our Party has always remembered its original mission and faithfully practiced the fundamental purpose of serving the people wholeheartedly, thus winning the people's heartfelt support and backing. The people are the root of our party's life, the basis of governance, the source of strength.
      I have repeatedly stressed that the mountains are the people, the people are the mountains, the rivers and mountains, the rivers and mountains to guard the hearts of the people, is to warn the party comrades, for a long-term ruling party such as ours, there is no greater danger than forgetting the original mission, detached from the masses. As long as we always live and die with the people, solidarity, the people will be iron heart with the party, the party will be able to flourish. All party comrades should continue to understand the original mission from the party's century of struggle, to implement the people-centered development ideology, and unswervingly strive to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
      Fourth, education to guide the whole party always adhere to the glorious revolutionary tradition. The hundred-year history of our party's struggle shows that only a party with a great spirit can lead the people to win great struggles and create a great cause. Generations of Chinese Communists have braved hardships and challenges, faced risks and challenges, strived hard and struggled unremittingly, showing the great spirit of historical initiative, building the spiritual genealogy of the Chinese Communists and forming the glorious tradition of the Party. The great spirit and glorious tradition of the Party are our valuable spiritual wealth and a powerful spiritual motivation to inspire us to move forward. Li Dazhao said, "The road of history is not all straight and level, sometimes to the realm of hardship and danger, which is all dependent on the spirit of majesty to rush through."
      Today, China is in a critical period to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The country's strength and national rejuvenation require the accumulation of material civilization, and more importantly, the sublimation of spiritual civilization. The road ahead can not be a straight path, we are bound to face a variety of major challenges, major risks, major resistance, major contradictions, must not lose the spirit of revolution plus desperation, must not lose the modesty and prudence, refrain from arrogance, hard work, hard work, thrifty tradition, must not lose the courage to fear the enemy, do not fear the risks, dare to fight, dare to win. Comrades of the party should use the great spirit of the party in the century of struggle to nourish themselves, inspire themselves, to do a good job in the party and the state in a high state of mind.
      Fifth, education and guidance of the whole party always adhere to promote self-revolution. Our party's hundred-year history of struggle shows that the great Marxist party is not born, but forged in long-term social practice, is in the continuous self-revolutionary refinement. The greatness of our party does not lie in not making mistakes, but in never shying away from the disease, daring to face up to the problem and being brave to self-revolution. Our party is still flourishing after a century of vicissitudes, the mystery lies in the powerful ability of self-purification, self-improvement, self-renovation and self-improvement. Practice has proved that as long as we always adhere to the truth and correct mistakes, our party will be able to perpetuate its advancement and purity and always remain invincible.
      Our Party has been in power for more than 70 years and will continue to be in power for a long time. The spirit of self-revolution is a strong support for the Party's ruling ability, and cannot be lost at any time. Since the 18th Party Congress, we have been carrying out the great self-revolution of strict governance of the Party with firm determination and tenacity, and achieved remarkable results. At the same time, we must be fully aware that the impact of the party's advanced, weakening the party's purity factors still exist, our party faces the test of governance, reform and opening up, the test of the market economy, the test of the external environment is long-term and complex, our party faces the danger of mental slackness, the danger of lack of capacity, the danger of detachment from the masses, the danger of negative corruption is acute and serious. Comrades of the party should enhance the sense of worry, with a firm persistence forever on the road will be comprehensive strict governance of the party to deepen. All party comrades should be strict with themselves, and constantly improve political judgment, political comprehension, political implementation, the courage to face their own problems, timely correction of ideological and operational deviations, to prevent their own degeneration and mutation, always be a qualified Communist Party members, to make due efforts to build the party stronger.
      Comrades! Red resources are the testimony of our party's arduous and glorious struggle and the most valuable spiritual wealth, which must be protected, managed and used with care and love. First, we should strengthen scientific protection. Red resources are non-renewable and irreplaceable precious resources, and protection is the primary task. In the spirit of responsible for history, responsible for the people, in-depth special investigation of red resources, strengthen the protection of red sites, revolutionary cultural relics, coordinate the salvage and preventive protection, ontological protection and peripheral protection, single-point protection and cluster protection. Second, we should carry out systematic research. Coordinate research forces, strengthen research planning, actively carry out the rescue, collection and research of revolutionary historical materials, strengthen the study of revolutionary history, dig deeper into the ideological connotations behind red resources, accurately grasp the main theme of the development of the Party's history, the essence of the mainstream, flagrantly oppose and resist historical nihilism. Third, to create high-quality exhibits. Insist on the unity of politics, ideology and art, take good guidance, focus on the theme, speak with historical facts, make efforts to build high-quality high-quality exhibits, enhance the expressive power, communication power and influence, and vividly spread red culture. Fourth, to strengthen the educational function. Around the revolution, construction, reform in various historical periods of major events, major nodes, research to determine a number of important logo place, tell the story of the party, the story of the revolution, the story of heroes, highlight the characteristics of the times, so that it becomes a large school to educate people, inspire people, shape people. We should design educational activities that meet the cognitive characteristics of young people, build characteristic bases for revolutionary tradition education, patriotic education, and youth ideology and morality education, and guide them to establish red ideals in their hearts from childhood.
      Comrades! Chairman Mao said at the preparatory meeting of the Seventh Party Congress: "We have a saying in China's Zhuangzi: 'Its beginning is simple, and its end will be huge.' Now we have not yet 'Bi', it is already very big." Today, our party is bigger, the party's team is bigger, the party's cause is bigger, the responsibility we shoulder is bigger, and the people's demands on the party are bigger, higher and stricter. We have to continue the red bloodline, the revolutionary martyrs blood sacrifice to build a good guardian of the red mountains, and strive to create a new performance to live up to the expectations of our revolutionary ancestors, worthy of history and the people.

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