"Two excellent and one first" advanced deeds of determination to create a warm home for residents



-- Ge Guilan, Party Secretary and Director of Beimen Community, Beimen Street, Jizhou District
      Ge Guilan, secretary and director of the Party Committee of Beimen Community in Beimen Street, Jizhou District, is over half a century old and has more than 20 years of Party experience. In the community party affairs work, she is unswerving and unchanging, always taking the recognition and satisfaction of the masses as the standard and direction, leading the community staff and party volunteers to creatively carry out the community party building work and create a warm home for the community residents. She has led the community to win the "National Advanced Unit of Socialist Spiritual Civilization", "National Advanced Community of Culture", "National Civilization Unit" and "Top Ten Harmonious Communities in Jiangxi Province". "Jiangxi Province Top Ten Harmonious Communities" and other honors. She has been honored as "National Advanced Individual in Safeguarding the Rights and Interests of Women and Children", "Advanced Individual in Supporting the Military", "Provincial Model in Patriotic Support for the Military", and "March 8 Red Banner Hand" of the city. She has been awarded the titles of "National Advanced Individual in Protecting the Rights and Interests of Women and Children", "Provincial and Municipal Advanced Individual in Supporting the Military", "Provincial Model in Patriotic Support for the Military", and "March 8 Red Flag Hand".
      In 2003, Beimen Community Party Branch was established, and Ge Guilan actively explored "branch building in the community", took the lead in establishing the community party building grid management mechanism, and built the party organization network system of community party committee, community party branch and building party group, which is "one community three levels". Open the "last mile" to serve the masses. Since the 18th Party Congress, with the need for modernization of social governance, she has improved the "four-in-one" linkage mechanism on the basis of "one community, three levels", uniting the community party branches, owners' committees, property companies and social organizations, and the party and group autonomy together. To carry out good grass-roots social governance, so that the party building work "grounded", to drive the community services and management to carry out effectively. Under the promotion of the "four-in-one" linkage mechanism, in 2020, Tianlong District was the first to install elevators in the city.
      Ge Guilan actively plays the role of ex-servicemen's demonstration, and now there are ex-servicemen's figures everywhere in various voluntary service teams in the community. Duan Hai Ru, a retired party member of Tian Long District who changed his job, took the initiative to serve as the director of the district industry committee, and actively led a group of veterans to participate in the management of the district, democratic consultation and deliberation, and public welfare services, and his military service does not fade.
       In the work of grass-roots social governance, Ge Guilan always implements the party building grip on relying on the masses, serving the masses and serving people's livelihood. 2020, Beimen Community has built a community party building complex with high standard, so that the party members have a place for activities and learning, which has been fully affirmed by the research group of the Organization Department of the Provincial Party Committee. North Gate community integrated the resources of various alliance units, established eight community cultural and sports activities station; carefully cultivate and build a good day care for the elderly at home, Star Dragon Youbei parent-child reading, Lochuan poetry club, Luling calligraphy and painting club, photographers association, Star Dragon art group and other 16 cultural services platform, to enrich the cultural life of residents. North Gate community also guide the district owners and group organizations to participate in the district autonomy, encourage each district to set up "North Home Security Volunteer Patrol Team" "daily micro service" "An Granny" volunteer In the beginning of 2020, the situation of the prevention and control of the new pneumonia epidemic was serious, and the Beimen community took the lead in mobilizing more than 230 party members in the community by means of a cell phone platform to "send posts by micro letter and lead services by party members". More than 230 party members have been mobilized to participate in the community's anti-epidemic duty, and more than 500 party members have adopted the WeChat task, which has effectively ensured the life and health safety of community residents and has been well received by the public.
"Two excellent and one first" advanced deeds
Be the leading goose of grass-roots party building
--Liu Zhimou, former Party Secretary of Oilfield Township, Ji'an County
      The town of Oilfield, located in the northern gate of Ji'an County, it takes 50 minutes to drive there from the county. As a township party secretary, he conscientiously fulfilled his duties as the first responsible person for party building, strong party building fortress; as a grassroots cadres "class leader", he went deep into the front line, leading by example to inspire township and village cadres to do practical work; as a Communist Party member, he always had the heart of the people, sincerely responsible for the masses, enthusiastic about serving the masses.
      Party building work is done well, about the cohesion of grass-roots party organizations, fighting power, about whether the specific work can take root, grasp the construction of rural grass-roots party organizations to seize the key to rural agricultural work. As the first person responsible for party building work in Oilfield Town, Liu Zhimou on his first day in office called the members of the town party and government team, on the town party building work for special research and deployment. He played the role of the party branch "engine" and party members as a pioneering role as the focus of party building work, integration of various types of resources, find the positioning of rural development, effective promotion of party building to enhance the whole area, and promote the transformation and upgrading of rural development. Songjiang Village was once a famous weak village in the county, for this reason, Liu Zhimou went to the village many times to participate in the branch meeting, carry out party health check, in-depth analysis of deficiencies, find gaps, fill the short board, strong weaknesses, and find the village "two committees" cadres to talk. Through his patient guidance, the spirit of "two committees" of Songjiang Village cadres was activated, and the village leaped to become a model village of "three" construction, an advanced village of comprehensive target assessment and an advanced village of rural revitalization.
      Liu Zhimou has also hosted many seminars and exchanges on the construction of "three", inviting old party members and cadres to give advice and stir the minds of party members and cadres. At the same time, he took measures such as model building and precise guidance to promote the construction of "three" grass-roots party building in a coordinated and orderly manner, and created the only township party education hall in the county. By carrying out party education, the cohesiveness and combat power of the cadres are comprehensively enhanced, and grass-roots party building is truly realized from "shaping" to "casting soul", from "on the wall" to "on the ground". The transformation of "on the ground". With the establishment of the Party Education Center, the work of the township has played a cohesive role, and the satisfaction of the masses has been increasing.
      During his tenure, Liu Zhimou also gave full play to the role of a bastion of grass-roots party organizations, encouraged villagers to develop people-rich industries, and comprehensively promoted the development of rural revitalization. He has concentrated his efforts on creating a pillar industry in the town and village, mainly black fungus cultivation and livestock breeding, with "one leader and three participants" as the main grip of the industrial poverty alleviation model. Through the wealthy leaders, village cadres to participate in the poor households and the masses into the shares, successfully solved the problem of agricultural industry development, farmers to enrich and increase income sustainability. "Let every mass, especially the poor households have a good life" is Liu Zhimou's persistent pursuit. After more than a year of efforts, the town of oilfield "a leader of three involved" industrial cooperative reached 12, covering 52.2%, black fungus planting from 3 villages to 10 administrative villages, the town's 23 administrative villages collective economic income of more than 100,000 yuan, of which 8 villages exceeded 200,000 yuan, 7 villages exceeded 500,000 yuan. The town's economy is developing healthily and rapidly, and the masses are leading a rich life.
      "People in their positions, we must seek their jobs, take their responsibilities, do their jobs. Only when you do your job well, you can live up to the title of party member and live up to the people's trust." Liu Zhimou often hang this phrase on his lips. Over the years, under his leadership, Oilfield Township has won the honor of Jiangxi Province Health Township, the city's Rural Revitalization Assessment Advanced Award, Ji'an City Civilized Village, the county's advanced township in party building, the county's advanced township in open economy, the county's advanced township in high quality development assessment, etc. He takes his own practical action to do a good job as the leader of grassroots party building.

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