Carry forward the great spirit of the Soviet Union and take the new road of catching up



       This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the 90th anniversary of the creation of the Central Revolutionary Base Areas and the founding of the Chinese Soviet Republic. The former Central Soviet Regions, such as Ganan, were the experimental fields of the Chinese Communist Party's governance, where all the literary and military strategies of the Communists were tested and previewed. In the hot practice of creating revolutionary bases, establishing red power and exploring revolutionary roads, countless revolutionary pioneers and martyrs, with the belief that "the fire of a star can start a prairie fire", forged with their blood and lives the Soviet spirit with the main connotation of firm belief, truthfulness and pragmatism, single-mindedness for the people, integrity and honesty, hard work, striving for the best and selfless dedication. The spirit of the Soviet Union. The spirit of the Soviet Union was conceived in the great struggle for the creation and development of the base areas during the Agrarian Revolutionary War, formed in the great preview of the Party's governance, and arose from the great exploration of the combination of the basic principles of Marxism and the concrete practice of the Chinese revolution.

      Since the 18th CPC National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly visited and researched the former Central Soviet Union, paying tribute to the revolutionary martyrs, emphasizing the need to vigorously carry forward the spirit of the Soviet Union, inherit the red gene, not forgetting the original mission of the Party, not forgetting the revolutionary ideals and revolutionary purposes. In the new journey, we must study and implement the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, vigorously carry forward the great spirit of the Soviet Union, with the Party's struggle to inspire morale, with the Party's glorious tradition and fine style of firm belief, with the Party's practical creation to inspire wisdom, wonderfully write a comprehensive construction of a modern socialist country chapter of Jiangxi.

Comprehensively and accurately grasp the profound connotation of the spirit of the Soviet Union

       The spirit of the Soviet Union contains the commonality of the revolutionary spirit of the Chinese Communists, but also shows the characteristics and personality of the Soviet period, is a concentrated embodiment of the political nature and spiritual traits of the Chinese Communists.

      The political quality of firm conviction. In January 1930, Comrade Mao Zedong, facing the question of how long the Red Flag would last in the ranks of the Red Army, put forward the idea that "the fire of a star can start a prairie fire". The famous assertion that "the fire of a star can start a prairie fire" not only strengthened the ideal beliefs of the Party comrades and soldiers, but also revealed the inevitable trend and objective law of the victorious development of the Chinese Revolution. With the belief that "the fire of a star can start a prairie fire", the soldiers and people of the Soviet Union firmly believed that the Chinese Revolution was bound to win, and they kept on overcoming all kinds of difficulties and hardships, going forward, surviving one after another, getting braver and braver, and lighting the fire of the revolution in this land that "needed revolution". The fire of the revolution was ignited in this "need for revolution" land, which eventually became a prairie trend.

      Pragmatic style of work. Pragmatism is the essence of the spirit of the Soviet Union, which is prominently reflected in the pragmatic style of insisting on investigation and research and opposing "bookishness". In the process of creating and developing the Soviet Union, Comrade Mao Zedong took the lead in carrying out in-depth investigations and studies, and successively wrote detailed investigation reports of more than 100,000 words, such as "Xunwu Investigation," "Xingguo Investigation," "Changgang Township Investigation," and "Caixi Township Investigation," to grasp the real situation in the Soviet Union, and then formulated a series of correct policies, leading the Party and the people to explore a great path of the Chinese Revolution. Under his influence and leadership, a large number of Party, government and military cadres went to the grassroots and the masses, and formulated corresponding revolutionary policies and struggle strategies through investigation and research, creating a new style of truth-seeking and pragmatism.

      One-heartedness for the people is the philosophy of governance. The essence of the spirit of the Soviet Union is to be dedicated to the people, which is prominently reflected in the sincere pursuit of the interests of the masses. During the period of the Central Soviet Union, Comrade Mao Zedong emphasized that every Communist Party member should be like a monk chanting "Amitabha Buddha", always chanting for the masses and sincerely working for their interests, so that the masses would treat the revolution as their life and their supreme banner of glory. In the process of creating and developing the Soviet Union, the Communist Party of China sincerely worked for the interests of the people through a series of measures for the people, such as the implementation of the land revolution and the enactment of labor laws, which won the high recognition of the people in the Soviet Union and built an impregnable iron wall. The people of the Soviet Union praised from the bottom of their hearts, saying, "The Communist Party is really good, it has thought of everything for us."

      The political nature of integrity and honesty. Integrity and honesty is the character of the Soviet spirit, which is prominently reflected in the "good style of Soviet cadres". During the Soviet period, party cadres, from the Chairman of the Chinese Soviet Government to the staff of the Commune Soviet, were not paid. Liu Qiyao, the chairman of the Jiangxi Soviet Government, had to beg for rice after being scattered by the enemy, but the gold bars and silver dollars he kept on his body remained untouched. The Party and the Soviet government promulgated a set of effective anti-corruption and anti-corruption systems, such as the worker-peasant inspection system, accounting system, auditing system and party supervision system, and established the Central Auditing Commission, which fired the first shot against corruption in the history of the Chinese Communist Party and "made all government workers understand that embezzlement and waste are great crimes". On September 11, 1934, the Central Auditing Committee of the Soviet declared in its audit report that only the Soviet was an unprecedented and truly clean government.

      The fine tradition of hard work and struggle. Hard struggle is the essence of the spirit of the Soviet Union, which is highlighted in the "Hundred battles with hardship". Due to the brutal military "siege" and the tight economic blockade by the enemy, the life of the soldiers and people in the Soviet Union was extremely hard. In the face of the hard material life and difficult revolutionary struggle, the Party and the Red Army always maintained a high fighting spirit and a courageous revolutionary spirit, which enabled the revolutionary cause to survive and develop under difficult conditions, and to take an innovative path of development under difficult conditions. The industrial and agricultural, financial, monetary, cultural, educational, health and sports undertakings in the Soviet Union were all established and developed from scratch and from small to large under extremely poor conditions and with a very weak foundation. It can be said that without the spirit of hard work and perseverance, it is impossible to have the vigorous development of the Soviet Union's undertakings.

      The enterprising spirit of striving for the best. Striving for first-class is the quality of the spirit of the Soviet Union, highlighted in the creation of "first-class work". During the Soviet period, in the fierce competition between the "siege" and counter-"siege", blockade and counter-blockade, the Chinese Communists always maintained a high revolutionary spirit, high standards and strict requirements in their work, and creatively led the Soviet region's political, economic, military, cultural, educational, health and other undertakings to develop continuously. They led the Soviet Union's political, economic, military, cultural, educational, health and other undertakings to develop continuously, creating the "first-class work" and making the Soviet Union powerfully effective despite the lack of resources. At that time, a number of advanced models emerged, such as the "Model Xingguo" and the Model Ganbei, which were honored by Comrade Mao Zedong and the Chinese Soviet Government.

      The noble sentiment of selflessness and dedication. Selflessness is the core of the spirit of the Soviet Union, which is embodied in the phrase "all for the sake of the Soviets". The offices of the party and government organs at all levels in the Soviet Union were very simple. The nine departments and one bureau of the Provisional Central Government were crammed into 15 small rooms partitioned by wooden planks at the Xie Ancestral Hall in Ye Ping Village, where the minister and two or three staff members worked together. In order to defend the Soviet regime and expand the Red Army, the majority of Party members and cadres worked for the public and made great dedication and sacrifices for the Chinese Revolution. At that time, the population of the 13 Soviet counties in southern Gan was about 2.4 million, with about 500,000 young adults, about 330,000 who joined the army, more than 600,000 who supported the front, and 108,000 named martyrs, with more than 16,000 martyrs in Xingguo, Ruijin, Yudu, Ningdu and other counties.

The great spirit of Soviet Union inspires the high spirit of the road to catch up in the new era

      In the new journey, we should summarize and apply the historical experience of the construction of the central revolutionary base areas, inspire the fighting spirit with the great Soviet spirit, and walk the road of catching up in the new era with pride, determination and consciousness.

      The spirit of the Soviet Union sharpened us, we must firmly believe in the ideals and beliefs, "the doctrine of our faith is the truth of the universe", firm faith in Marxism and communism, faith in socialism with Chinese characteristics, confidence in achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, always hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, and unswervingly walk a good Our own way, and strive to achieve the goal of building a modern and strong socialist country.

      The spirit of the Soviet Union shows us that we must insist on seeking truth from facts, oppose "fundamentalism", and constantly promote the modernization of Marxism in China, especially with Xi Jinping's Socialist Thought with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as our guide, adhere to Marxist positions, views and methods, insist on combining the basic principles of Marxism with the specific reality of China In particular, we must adhere to Marxist positions, perspectives and methods, insist on combining the basic principles of Marxism with the specific reality of China, with the excellent Chinese traditional culture, courageously promote theoretical innovation based on practice, promote the development of Marxism with the vivid and rich contemporary Chinese practice, and constantly open up new horizons of contemporary Chinese Marxism and 21st century Marxism.

      The spirit of the Soviet Union has inspired us to adhere to the supremacy of the people, "sincerely work for the benefit of the masses", consistently take the people's desire for a better life as our goal of struggle, continue to deepen the "I do practical things for the masses" practical activities, and strive to solve the problem of unbalanced and inadequate development and the people's urgent needs. The Soviet spirit enlightens us that we must make more effort to solve the problems of unbalanced and inadequate development and the urgent problems of the people, to promote the comprehensive development of the people and the common prosperity of all the people to make more obvious and substantial progress, so that the people of the Soviet Union can live a happier and better life.

      The spirit of the Soviet Union enlightens us that we must be brave to pioneer and innovate, strive to create "first-class work", based on the new stage of development, complete, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept, the construction of a new development pattern, to promote high-quality development, and always keep the spirit of "breakthrough", "innovation". The "creative" energy, the pioneering spirit of "dare to be the first in the world", the boldness and boldness to pioneer, innovate and create, and strive to come out of a new road of high-quality development in the old revolutionary areas.

      The spirit of the Soviet Union calls us to inherit the fine tradition, carry forward the "good style of Soviet cadres", keep the political nature of the Communist Party clean and honest, hard work, always maintain the overall strict governance of the Party does not slacken sobriety, and effectively adhere to the main tone of strict long-term, unswervingly promote the Party's clean construction and anti-corruption struggle, as one to promote Do not dare to corrupt, can not be corrupted, do not want to corrupt the construction of institutional mechanisms, in order to take the new road to catch up with the test, to create a political ecology of the sea and the river is clear.

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