Ji'an Science and Technology Association visited the enterprise science association and Haizhi plan workstation



On November 11, 2020, a delegation led by Zhou Yaohua, a member of the Party Leadership Group and a second level researcher of Ji'an Association for Science and Technology, and Han Runlin, a member of the Party Leadership Group and vice chairman, accompanied by Li Xiaoping, deputy director of Jingkai District Economic and Technological Bureau, visited our company to carry out the investigation work of the Enterprise Association for Science and Technology and the Haizhi Plan workstation. Yao Xiao, General Manager of the Company, Liu Xiao'an, Deputy General Manager and Lai Ruohong accompanied the investigation team and gave a detailed introduction to the construction of the company's science association and Haizhi plan workstation. In May 2020, the company applied to Ji'an Science and Technology Association for Haizhi Plan Workstation, established a platform to expand communication and cooperation with overseas experts, teams and scientific research institutions, and won recognition and support from Ji'an Science and Technology Association.
Yao Xiaodong, the general manager, introduced the scientific and technological research and development platform and achievements of the company that took the initiative to go abroad, carried out in-depth cooperation with foreign academicians and university expert teams, and promoted the company's great development by using the Haizhi Plan workstation platform. Relying on the Haizhi Program Workstation, the company actively connected with the talent introduction plan of Ji'an Science and Technology Association, and invited Dr. Shen Guangfu from David Geffen Medical School of the University of California, Los Angeles, to jointly develop new antitoxin products; Cuba's lifelong academician Gustavo expert team was introduced to jointly research and create a new generation of vaccines, adjuvants and immune promoters. Liu Xiao'an, deputy general manager of the company, introduced the operation of the company's science association and Haizhi plan workstation platform and the progress of overseas R&D cooperation projects. In order to better promote the development of the Company's innovation strategy, the Science and Technology Association of the Company has successively established Jiangsheng (Shenzhen) Biotechnology Research and Development Center on the basis of Haizhi Plan Workstation, and acquired Hainan Pharmaceutical Research Institute with innovative research and development and incubation platform, providing new technical support and innovation impetus for the sustainable development of the Company. Lai Ruohong, Deputy General Manager, highlighted the company's active use of foreign talents to cultivate export-oriented talents needed by enterprises and provide better support for the Science and Technology Association and Haizhi Plan Workstation. On the one hand, it expanded the company's professional knowledge, on the other hand, it increased opportunities for talents to learn and communicate, met the company's demand for R&D technology development, and promoted the company's innovative R&D.
After carefully listening to the situation of the company's Haizhi plan workstation, the delegation of Ji'an Association for Science and Technology affirmed the talent team introduced by the company's Haizhi plan station and the subsequent cooperation and communication methods. It is expected that the enterprise will provide a solid backing for technological innovation and achievement transformation of the enterprise relying on the platform of Haizhi Plan workstation. At the same time, we advocate enterprises to actively go out and strengthen the exchange and interaction of enterprise talent platforms. With the help of the academician and expert team, strengthen the internal talent training and plan the promotion channels for scientific research talents. At the same time, we encourage the company to carefully study the relevant documents of talent policy, strengthen the investment in R&D and innovation and the introduction and training of talents, and strengthen the development of foreign cooperation projects. Connect the relevant incentive policies of the government and implement the projects and policies.

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