Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Statistics visited our company to check the annual report data of R&D statistics



On November 11, 2020, in order to implement the spirit of the Feedback of the Social Science and Culture Department of the National Bureau of Statistics on the Data Quality Verification of the Annual Report on R&D Statistics of Jiangxi Enterprises, and effectively improve the quality of R&D statistical data in our province. A delegation led by Wan, Director of Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Statistics, and Liu Jizhong, Director of Economic Development Bureau, visited our company to carry out the verification of corporate R&D statistics in 2019. The inspection team listened to the report on enterprise development and R&D progress, and learned that the company's development goal is to take animal immunoglobulin preparations as the leading role, develop into a major global manufacturer of animal immune serum products with a high international market position, and achieve market dominance, technology leadership and platform sharing in the field of immune drugs and therapies, And become one of the most valuable and competitive modern export-oriented biopharmaceutical enterprises in the world.
Yao Xiaodong, general manager of the company, said that the company attaches great importance to research and development and actively creates domestic and international research platforms. In order to meet the needs of domestic biotechnology development, make overall planning, promote the company's innovative research and development, and promote the company's innovative strategic development, Jiangsheng (Shenzhen) Biotechnology Research and Development Center has been established successively, and Hainan Pharmaceutical Research Institute has been acquired, providing technical support and innovation impetus for the company's sustainable development. The follow-up verification team carried out the verification of the annual report data of the enterprise's R&D statistics one by one, and the enterprise's science and technology statisticians, scientific research management personnel and financial personnel verified the filling of the annual report data on the spot. The verification team makes a complete comparison of the authenticity of the data one by one, and communicates with relevant personnel of the enterprise face to face to ensure the accuracy of the data. After checking, Director Wan of Jiangxi Provincial Bureau of Statistics spoke highly of the company's R&D data reporting. The company attached great importance to the submission of R&D statistics. The R&D data reported item by item were true and the quality of R&D statistics was high.

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