Shine the gold lettered signboard of the health industry for the 14th Five Year Plan



At 11:30 a.m. on September 15, 2020, Zhang Zhiqiang, director of Chengdu Literature Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhang Hui, deputy director of the Health Development Research Center of the National Health Commission, and his team members, accompanied by Chen Xiaohua, deputy director of Ji'an Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, came to our company to fully understand the foundation of the big health industry, the development during the "13th Five Year Plan" period and its influence in the industry, key enterprises For the specific difficulties and problems in the promotion of key projects, we will solicit opinions and suggestions on the industrial development assumption and planning during the "Fourteenth Five Year Plan" period. After visiting the workshop, the research team held a discussion with the company's senior executives at home. Yao Xiaodong, the general manager of the company, first introduced the production and operation of the company and its development strategic plan to the research group.

Yao Xiaodong said that the development of the enterprise cannot be separated from the long-term rational planning of the local government. It is also the concern and attention of the local government to come to our company today to carry out the 14th Five Year Plan survey of the big health industry. In recent years, Jiangxi Biotech has developed well and made rapid progress with the care and support of the local government. We are also very optimistic about the development in the field of antitoxin and are willing to give full play to the role of enterprises in the field of real economy and the protection of people's life and health. After entering JKQ, the company focused on accelerating the high-quality leapfrog development, insisted on taking the existing products as the main direction, comprehensively strengthened the innovation ability, improved the modernization level of the industrial chain, strengthened the development strategy of serum products, made steady progress around the construction of a new development pattern, deeply implemented the action of driving the development of agriculture and animal husbandry with the biomedical industry, and did a solid job in the quality improvement and upgrading of key products, Efforts should be made to strengthen new driving forces and new advantages for development, constantly activate the endogenous impetus for the revitalization of biomedicine, and strive to create a higher level of "Jiangxi Model" of beautiful China. We will take this time as a new starting point, give full play to our platform advantages, actively increase support in major basic research and development, health industry, agriculture and animal husbandry development, and strengthen the docking and cooperation with cutting-edge scientific research institutions in deeper areas and at a higher level to achieve mutual benefit and win-win development.
The research team believes that Jiangxi has a good biological foundation, has a rich guarantee of main raw materials for products and a complete biological product industry system with complete resources, a good green ecological environment and bright farming and animal husbandry culture, and its comprehensive benefits and competitiveness are constantly improving. At present, Jiangxi is accelerating its transformation from a large antitoxin enterprise to a strong blood product enterprise. At the same time, the research team believes that in the Fourteenth Five Year Plan, we should deeply understand that biomedicine has huge development potential, broad market space, and patients have higher expectations for product quality. We should look at and grasp the opportunities and challenges of the company's development from a comprehensive, dialectical and long-term perspective. In formulating the Fourteenth Five Year Plan for Ji'an's Health Industry, we should strengthen the awareness of crisis and the awareness of opportunities that change according to the situation The enterprising spirit of innovation. The beautiful blueprint of building the big health industry into the second largest 100 billion industry in our city after the electronic information industry is more excellent and colorful. In the future development, the company should constantly tap and exploit the huge potential, broad space and bright prospects for the development of biological products, and write a more exciting new chapter of modernization.

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