[A new chapter of thanksgiving and striving for courage after ten years of upgrading] Yao Xiaodong: Insist on excellence and pursue excellence



Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd. is a pharmaceutical enterprise pursuing excellent quality in our district. It adheres to excellence and is a conscientious and reassuring drug, and has won the favor of the market. When talking about the development of the company, I have to mention a person. This person is Yao Xiaodong, the general manager of Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd. Now let's get to know him and the company from a "zero distance".

Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1969. It was formerly the Jiangxi Branch of Shanghai Institute of Biological Products, Ministry of Health. It has a 50 year history of biopharmaceutical. In 2002, it was reorganized into a limited liability company with the approval of Ji'an Municipal People's Government. In September 2002, it was transformed in our district. From a single product structure state-owned enterprise with an annual sales of less than 1 million yuan that year, it has developed into a large-scale horse breeding, feeding, immune plasma collection The high-tech leading enterprise for antitoxin research, production, processing and sales has established provincial enterprise technology center, Shenzhen R&D center, Hainan Pharmaceutical Research Institute, immune horse plasma and pregnant horse serum technology R&D center, etc.
Talents are the power source of enterprise development. As an enterprise manager, Yao Xiaodong is soberly aware that if you want to make the enterprise bigger and stronger, you must constantly introduce and cultivate high-end technical talents and establish your own scientific research team. Yao Xiaodong said that in order to stabilize and retain talents, on the one hand, we should boldly reform and innovate in the enterprise management system and mechanism; On the other hand, we will continue to improve employee benefits and compensation, and introduce relevant incentive mechanisms. At the same time, over the years, the company has obtained a number of national patents in the field of antiserum through independent research and development and technical breakthrough. Its products were displayed and exchanged on behalf of the Chinese antiserum manufacturing industry at the WHO Antitoxin and Immune Serum Conference held in Geneva.

Insist on excellence, and be a medicine of conscience and confidence. This is what Yao Xiaodong often said. He requires that all production lines of the enterprise must strictly follow the GMP production regulations to make drugs, so as to ensure that the quality of drugs is up to the standard. Over the years, Yao Xiaodong has firmly grasped the three themes of R&D, production and sales, and is committed to developing the company into a modern high-tech leading enterprise with a "research, production and marketing line".
At the same time, focusing on its own development and expansion, the transformation and upgrading of high-quality industries, and closely focusing on the two strategic objectives of "being the leader and the main board", the company has made great progress by tapping potential internally, strengthening management, upgrading products, and opening up the upstream and downstream industrial chains. From the past annual sales revenue of several million yuan to the present annual sales revenue of nearly 300 million yuan. In order to further optimize the product structure, the company has acquired two companies and a pharmaceutical research institute. In 2019, the technical transformation of the project will be launched to upgrade the quality of existing varieties and improve the safety and effectiveness of products. The total investment of the project is 106 million yuan. It is planned to be completed and put into operation in June 2021. After the project is completed and put into operation, the sales revenue will increase by 553 million yuan, and the tax revenue will reach nearly 100 million yuan.

"The development of the company is inseparable from the help and support of the development zone." Yao Xiaodong said that over the years, with the care and support of the development zone, the company has made rapid development by closely focusing on the two strategic objectives of "being the leader and going to the main board" for its own development and upgrading of high-quality industries, tapping potential, strengthening management, improving technology, and opening up the industrial chain. It is understood that in recent years, our district has formulated "1+3" industrial support policies and development plans around the city's goal of building a 100 billion level health industry, increased guidance and assistance, promoted continuous improvement of enterprise R&D investment, promoted continuous improvement of industrial production processes, and also continued to promote industrial upgrading to achieve innovative development. At the same time, giving full play to the advantages of convenient transportation, good ecology, rich resources and profound heritage, we have formulated and implemented a series of policies and services to support the development of the biomedical industry, created a large number of well-known biomedical industries and high-quality products, and created a number of famous brands.

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