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Time flies, time flies, busyness, enrichment, quality transformation, and improvement, which explains Jiang Shengren's 2019. This year, we have harvested with sweat, and we are determined to move forward with hard work. Now, the year 2020, full of expectations, is coming to us. The new year is pregnant with new goals and hopes. Let's seize the day and live up to our youth.

A series of activities themed "Jointly Cultivate Bright Jiangsheng, Gather Jiazhang to Create Brilliance" were held in Jingkai District Wenhai Hotel. The leaders of the holding company and the board of directors issued certificates of honor and bonuses to the advanced, and all the employees of the company witnessed the 2019 annual commendation meeting for advanced collectives and individuals.

In 2019, all the staff will make unremitting efforts, go through trials and hardships, work together in the same boat, adhere to standards, strictly check the pass, work silently, and write one brilliant achievement after another with their own blood. On the basis of employee recommendation and comparison of the evaluation index scores, the company's management team gave two special contribution awards, 12 outstanding workers and one advanced group through comprehensive evaluation. At the meeting, the advanced representatives introduced their work in the past year in passionate language, excited mood and simple words, and expressed their confidence and determination to always be at the forefront and make unremitting efforts for the company with firm faith. Aggressive is their goal, and never say die is their life creed. "The wind knows the grass, and the sword sharpens". They stick to their posts, strive to practice GMP, learn knowledge and skills in their posts, and compare skills and performance in work. Dedicated and hardworking, brave in innovation, and ignite your wireless passion. The general manager of the company is far sighted and puts forward new hopes and requirements for advanced collectives and individuals from a higher level and perspective. Call on all staff to make continuous efforts to comprehensively promote the enterprise's strategic innovation with a new fighting attitude, a new spiritual outlook and a new working style.

At the annual meeting, the holding company thanked the company for its efforts and rewarded the general manager of the company with a Mercedes Benz as a travel tool. At the meeting, the general manager of the holding company held a delivery ceremony to the general manager of the joint-stock company.
Jingyue, the holding company, hopes that everyone can jointly plan the development blueprint of the enterprise, witness the development achievements of the company, encourage all employees to work hard together, release their dreams and realize their dreams. Yao Xiaodong, the general manager, thanked the holding company for its recognition of the company's work. The holding company's Mercedes Benz sedan, which is distributed to the company with outstanding bearing and powerful but not angry appearance, will bring high-quality business travel experience to the company's important guests and partners, and also reflects the company's development and progress and won the support and recognition of the holding company and the society. The holding company adopts a more cordial, warm and grand handover ceremony, which is not only a handover ceremony, but also a heart to heart ceremony.

Later, the thank-you banquet for the New Year Staff and Workers' Party was held by Jing Yue, the general manager of the holding company; Liu Yurui, Chairman of the Company, and Yao Xiaodong, General Manager of the Company delivered speeches. More than 150 employees of Jiangxi Biotech attended the meeting. Everyone enjoyed the delicious food heartily. The leaders of the company interacted with the employees cordially. The heart to heart communication made the atmosphere of the whole room extremely happy and harmonious.


The get-together kicked off in a speech by Ms. Jing Yue, the general manager of the holding company, who, on behalf of the holding company and Jiang Sheng, thanked all employees for their hard work and gave them New Year's greetings. The beautiful opening dance "Blooming Flowers" opened the curtain of the gala performance. The annual meeting was full of wonderful programs. Gorgeous female solo "Sorrow for Leaving", beautiful folk dance, elegant male solo, quality department chorus "I and My Motherland", jazz dance, Sichuan Opera Face Changing and other programs are colorful and wonderful. During the period, there was a lottery. The company gave 60 lucky draws, and the company's senior executives drew 6 third, second and first prizes, setting off a climax for the party.

The annual meeting brought laughter and laughter to everyone, making the hearts of colleagues closer to each other. The leaders of the company interacted with the employees in a cordial manner, and the singing, applause and cheers were always rippling in the venue. The whole get-together climaxed one after another, showing the joy and harmony of Jiangxi Biology family. The get-together ended with the company's leaders and all the members singing "An Unforgettable Tonight".
The quality accumulates, Jiangsheng's picture rolls slowly, and the classic company's fruits roll forward. The brilliant 2019 has passed, and the year 2020, full of hope and challenges, has quietly arrived. In the past year, we have smiled, struggled and gained. In the face of 2020, we will not forget our original intention, forge ahead, do not idle in the dream, do not focus on empty voice, step by step, and do every job well. Let Jiangsheng people work hard to create a better tomorrow!

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