Quality is the life quality of Jiangsheng people is the responsibility of the enterprise -- A glimpse of the speech contest of "Quality in My Heart" in the annual activity of total quality management for all employees



In order to further carry out the "Year of Total Quality Management" activity, implement the company's quality policy of "quality first, customer first", improve product quality and management level, create a strong quality culture atmosphere, and improve the company's quality concept of all staff, the company held a speech contest with the theme of "quality in my heart" at the training center on the third floor at 14:00 p.m. on June 6, 2019 Thirteen contestants from Room A participated in the competition in the order of drawing lots. According to the scoring standard of the speech, the contestants made full use of language expression, on-site appeal, appearance and other ways to make a wonderful presentation, and told the importance of quality with infectious language; Some contestants described the quality management from different aspects and angles based on the content of the picture with the quality posters as the background. Some contestants fully mobilized the audience on the scene and carried out interaction on and off the scene, attracting applause from the audience.
After the host announced the start of the speech contest, all departments and offices sent elite players to participate in the contest. They included both veteran employees who had worked for many years and college students who had just started working. The contestants made brilliant speeches and made many witticisms. Some contestants talk in an eloquent way, some are passionate and generous, some are humorous, and some are philosophical. Everyone is full of spirit, high spirited and outstanding in conversation. Around the theme of "quality in my heart", each contestant described his own understanding of quality in combination with his work practice.
The contestants quoted a large number of cases, data, allusions and experiences, and told the importance of quality with infectious language and complementary body movements. After fierce competition, Xu Ji of the Quality Department finally stood out and won the first prize, Luo Haijuan of the Quality Department and Zeng Zisu of the Technology Research and Development Department won the second prize, and Zeng Lingyuan of the Finance Department, Hu Dan of the Office and Liu Qi of the Serum Room won the third prize.
After the speech contest, General Manager Yao Xiaodong delivered an enthusiastic speech, asking all employees to really remember the product quality, implement it in the industry, and implement it in all aspects of raw material procurement, product research and development, production, testing, marketing, after-sales service, etc; At the same time, he asked everyone to keep in mind the original intention of "making high-quality drugs for the global people" at the beginning of the establishment of the factory, keep in mind the mission, and never give up towards this goal. I hope that through the speech contest
Employees should change their ideas and put "quality in my heart" into practice. Through our joint efforts, we will ensure that the "Jiangsheng" quality ship will never sink, sail to the sea and the world.
Through this competition, quality resonance was generated among all employees of the company, which promoted the improvement of quality risk prevention awareness, and made employees deeply realize the true meaning of "quality is the life, responsibility, dignity, market, and benefit of Jiangsheng people". With quality awareness rooted in the heart and implemented in action, Jiangsheng will have a more brilliant tomorrow! (Contributed by the Quality Department)
质量是江生人的生命 质量是企业者的担当--全员全面质量管理年活动之“质量在我心中”演讲赛掠影
Quality is the basis for an enterprise to survive. Countless well-known brands have shown us that in a rapidly developing and competitive social environment, if an enterprise wants to survive and develop, it must first create first-class product quality, win the favor and trust of customers with first-class products, and thus create a first-class brand and market.
All staff should fully promote that quality is the life of enterprises and quality is the life theme of consumers. There is no limit to the theme and form of this quality speech contest. After the release of the plan, all employees of the company actively participated and talked about the "quality problems" around them from all levels of work and different perspectives. Before the competition, all departments and offices shall timely organize all the staff to analyze, reflect and summarize the quality management work, and provide materials for the speakers. In the speech, the contestants talked about how to further improve the quality management level, the problems in the company's product quality, and put forward good methods and suggestions in combination with the status quo of the quality work of their posts. The content of the speech is closely related to the theme, full of content, novel and beautiful. The lecturer expounded the spirit of total quality management from a unique perspective, strengthened the quality awareness of all staff, created a cultural atmosphere of quality management, and improved the safety, qualification and comprehensiveness of product quality. After the competition, the company will assign the indicators of improving product quality to the posts and responsibilities to individuals to ensure that the company's product quality meets the goal requirements of 210.


[Appreciation of award-winning works]


Quality is responsibility and responsibility
As we all know, our company's tetanus antitoxin accounts for 70% of the national sales volume. However, as the raw material of this drug is horse plasma, it has antigenicity and may cause allergic reactions. I have been working in the pharmacovigilance post for nearly 10 months, and found that the main factors causing adverse reactions are related to the individual differences of patients and skin test operation methods, but not to the drugs of our company. This is the result of the company's leaders and all employees taking quality as a responsibility and working hard. Although our products meet the pharmacopoeia standards, there is a long way to go to stabilize and improve the quality of our products. As a member of the company, I should have a good work style and excellent professional knowledge. Otherwise, even if my communication and coordination ability is good and my pressure resistance is high, how can I complete this job? Therefore, I must work hard to learn the national laws and regulations and professional theoretical knowledge, humbly ask the elders and colleagues for advice, love my job and study hard, constantly improve the comprehensive quality and professional level, establish the sense of due diligence, strive for perfection in details, regard quality as life, and regard responsibility as Mount Tai.

Jiangsheng People's Consensus - Quality
 Matsushita Yukio said a simple but thought-provoking saying: "Only high-quality people can produce high-quality products.". Therefore, we should be more strict with ourselves based on the purpose of "quality is life". "Quality is in my heart" indicates that quality is controlled by people, that is, "no matter what circumstances and conditions, human factors are the first". Everyone here can determine the quality of our products, and the quality determines the rise and fall of enterprises. Especially for our biological pharmaceutical enterprises, quality safety is the lifeblood of an enterprise. I believe that as long as we have quality in mind, use the faith of life, treat every work link, adhere to the enterprise spirit of excellence and meticulousness, always put product quality at the top of all work, carry forward the enterprise spirit of "diligence, honesty, practicality and innovation", and adhere to the enterprise purpose of making high-quality drugs for the global people, then our future will be more brilliant!


  作As a biopharmaceutical enterprise, in the future, we should focus on how to do well in the design, how to optimize the process and improve the process, which requires the cooperation of R&D personnel, production personnel and inspection personnel to determine the advantages and disadvantages of the process and the direction of improvement according to the literature, theoretical analysis and actual test results. Applying scientific risk-based methods to product, process R&D and production can make production resources more clearly optimized. At the same time, understanding the product and process design, and linking these concepts with the needs of patients will be of great help to improve the production efficiency and process capability of enterprises. The effective application of the concept of "quality comes from design" to drug research and development, production, evaluation and supervision has its practical and far-reaching historical significance not only to improve the quality of drugs, but also to the development of innovative drugs in China.


Improve the quality of accounting information
  If enterprises want to improve the quality of accounting information and correct the distortion of accounting information, I think they should take measures from the following three aspects. 1、 Complete internal accounting management system and accounting supervision system. Improving the internal accounting management system is an important measure to ensure the orderly progress of the company's accounting work, and also an important means to strengthen the basic work of accounting. Perfecting the accounting supervision system is the guarantee for orderly accounting work according to law. 2、 Strengthen learning and improve the overall quality of accountants. The professional level of accountants directly affects the quality of accounting work. Always adhere to the principle of "no false accounting" as the moral criterion and the Accounting Law as the code of conduct to guide their own practice. At the same time, accountants should constantly enrich and update their knowledge to make themselves professional and ensure the quality of accounting information. 3、 Strengthen publicity and coordinate the relationship between various departments. Improving the quality of accounting information is not only the responsibility of the financial department or one of the accountants, but also the common responsibility of the unit leaders and all the staff. If departments do not cooperate with each other, accounting personnel will inevitably be unable to provide accounting information timely and accurately, which will affect management decisions.


Set foot on the job and seek career - strengthen quality and practice
  Strong sense of responsibility and professionalism is one of the essential qualities for me to do well in office work. I have learned from my office work over the past year that there are a lot of uncertain factors and random events in office work, and I need to be ready to face various unknown emergencies at any time. Therefore, I must always keep my work and quality in mind, make arrangements for various planned work in advance every day, and make emergency plans for possible emergencies in advance. Only in this way can I deal with changes calmly and freely under any circumstances. On the contrary, if you don't have enough ideological preparation and long-term vision, once things come to an end, you will inevitably lose sight of each other.
For me, the satisfaction of leaders and employees is the most important standard to measure the quality of my work. This characteristic determines that in any work, I must take accurate understanding and strict implementation of quality standards as the highest criterion and ultimate goal.


Quality is in my heart
 How can we improve the quality awareness and truly achieve "quality in my heart"? I think we should first strengthen the cultivation of sense of responsibility and execution. "Quality is made, not detected.". It is not only reflected in the documents, but also in each production step. I remember that when I first came to the serum room, we would shake the plasma again before plasma feeding and digestion. This was the case in the past, but it is now. I believe we will do this again in the future. This has become a habit, rooted in the heart of every member of the serology room, and it is more like reminding us every day that quality is no small matter, and details produce fine products! The second is the learning and questioning stage. Only when we are familiar with each process and constantly summarize experience in production practice can we find new problems, so as to finally reach the continuous improvement stage. Times are changing, standards are changing, and people's requirements for quality are also changing. Only higher quality goals remain unchanged, and quality will become our tireless pursuit!

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