Several Opinions on Reducing Enterprise Costs and Optimizing the Development Environment (80)



In order to further promote the supply side structural reform, effectively reduce enterprise costs, optimize the enterprise development environment, improve the profitability of enterprises, promote the sustainable and healthy development of the provincial economy, and ensure the good start of the "13th Five Year Plan", the provincial party committee and provincial government decided to carry out special actions to reduce enterprise costs and optimize the development environment in the province (hereinafter referred to as special actions).
1、 General requirements
Fully implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China and the Third, Fourth and Fifth Plenary Sessions of the 18th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, carry out various special activities with the theme of "reducing enterprise costs and optimizing the development environment" in accordance with the deployment of the Central Economic Work Conference and the relevant reform requirements of the provincial party committee and government, and focus on helping enterprises reduce their burdens, enhance their profitability, maintain their competitive advantage, and boost transformation and upgrading, It will add new impetus to the sustainable and stable economic growth of the province.  
2、 Basic principles
Adhere to the combination of overall planning and precise implementation. Seriously implement the deployment requirements of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the provincial party committee and the provincial government on the supply side structural reform, plan scientifically, make overall progress, and study and formulate systematic policies and measures. Adhere to the problem orientation, start with the most prominent problems reflected by enterprises, implement precise policies, address both the symptoms and root causes, and effectively improve the pertinence and effectiveness of policies and measures.
Adhere to the combination of market leadership and government guidance. Give full play to the decisive role of the market in resource allocation, use the market mechanism, promote entrepreneurship, and guide enterprises to make independent innovation and transformation. We should give better play to the role of the government, strengthen organizational guidance, strengthen coordinated services, and strive to create a fair and just market competition environment.
Adhere to the combination of basing on the present and looking forward to the future. While taking targeted measures, paying close attention to the implementation of policies and achieving results as soon as possible, in accordance with the requirements of the market economy and the rule of law society, supporting measures were introduced from the aspects of reform and opening up, innovation and transformation, improving supervision, and improving services, so as to create a business environment conducive to the sustainable development of enterprises.
Adhere to the combination of external support and internal potential tapping. Give full play to the regional polarity of all parties. On the one hand, effectively reduce the external costs of enterprises through policies and measures such as tax and fee reduction, financial support, streamlining administration and delegating power; on the other hand, guide enterprises to tap potential internally, improve production efficiency and management level, enhance profitability and maintain competitive advantage.
3、 Key tasks
In order to better grasp the direction and path of reducing enterprise costs, optimizing the development environment, and effectively improve the quality and level of special actions, we will focus on five aspects and 16 tasks.
(1) Grasp the introduction of policies
1. Several opinions were issued. According to the requirements of "the situation should be clarified, the objectives should be clear, the tasks should be specific, the responsibilities should be implemented, and the measures should be effective", we formulated and issued a number of suggestions to effectively reduce the cost of enterprises and optimize the development environment.
2. Formulate policy compilation. The preferential enterprise policies issued by the central and provincial governments and still being implemented are sorted and compiled by category, and special publicity and publicity are carried out to form a policy system that enterprises can understand and use.
3. Compile and print the consultation contact list. The consulting unit, contact person, contact phone number and email address corresponding to each policy shall be provided in detail, so as to facilitate enterprises to quickly communicate with government departments.
(2) Do a good job of mobilization propaganda
1. Overall mobilization and deployment. The provincial mobilization meeting for special actions to reduce enterprise costs and optimize the development environment was held, calling on the whole province to unify its thinking and cohesion, accurately grasp the overall requirements, objectives and tasks, and promote the solid and in-depth development of all work.
2. Deeply publicize policies. Under the leadership of provincial leaders, relevant departments directly under the provincial government timely went deep into the industrial parks and key enterprises to publicize policies. Through the linkage at the provincial, municipal and county levels, a comprehensive policy propaganda system was formed to help enterprises better master and use policies.
3. Strengthen the interpretation. Several opinions will be published in full in the major media in the province, and special columns and magazines will be set up to focus on interpretation, so as to make some opinions known to everyone and better convert policy dividends into corporate dividends.  
(3) Do a good job of joint enterprise service
1. Carry out activities for leaders to contact enterprises. The provincial, municipal and county leaders of the "four teams" and the main leaders of the court and the procuratorate contact enterprises. The provincial leaders contact 2-3 industrial parks (the standing committee members of the provincial party committee and the deputy governors first contact the national parks respectively). Each park contacts more than 10 enterprises. The municipal and county leaders contact the enterprises in their own areas respectively, take the lead in carrying out policy propaganda, promoting the construction of major projects, and coordinating to solve major problems.
2. Carry out enterprise activities under the leadership of government officials. Cadres will be transferred from provincial, municipal and county authorities to go deep into the production line of enterprises to publicize policies, understand the facts and solve problems. Each provincial department shall contact an industrial park to achieve full coverage of all parks, and 10 cadres shall be selected as the liaison of provincial leaders to contact enterprises, so as to timely feed back the production and operation of enterprises.
3. Carry out expert precise assistance activities. Experts and scholars from scientific research institutes and colleges and universities were transferred to form an accurate assistance advisory group. According to the industrial characteristics of each region, enterprises were consulted to provide technical advice. Personnel were transferred from financial institutions to form a number of targeted support groups to carry out various forms of bank enterprise docking activities with the cities with districts.
4. Carry out industrial chain docking assistance activities. Organize key backbone enterprises to provide all-round and multi-level technology, product and labor assistance to upstream and downstream supporting enterprises, encourage the establishment of industrial alliances, and promote industrial integration and development.
(4) Do a good job of solving difficult problems
1. Establish a timely acceptance mechanism. Publish the special line telephone, fax and email to the society, further open the enterprise information feedback channel, timely accept the enterprise's appeals, and provide policy consulting services.
2. Establish a standing book management mechanism. For all kinds of problems reflected by the enterprise, according to the principle of "who is responsible, who implements", sort out and list the problems level by level, establish an account and cancel the account.
3. Establish classification processing mechanism. The problems involving provincial level shall be handled according to the classification of department responsibilities, and the problems that can be solved shall be solved within a time limit, and the problems that cannot be solved shall be explained.
(5) Do a good job of supervision and assessment
1. Strengthen supervision and implementation. The implementation of special actions and several opinions shall be regularly tracked, dispatched, supervised and inspected, and the implementation of work shall be promoted by issuing supervision notice, on-site supervision, interview, listing supervision, etc. depending on the situation.
2. Strengthen summary and evaluation. Timely summarize the implementation of the special action, and commend the cities, counties (cities, districts) and provincial departments that have promoted and implemented the action well. Third party evaluation institutions were introduced to evaluate the implementation effect of the current policies and the service enterprises of the municipal, county (city, district) and provincial departments, and effectively improve the effectiveness of the special actions.
3. Strengthen the effectiveness of assessment

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