Focusing on Party members of non-public enterprises in our region to play a leading role



Three party members and two activists from the system office of Jiangxi Hangsheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. have passed the "four in one" system certification of the globally unified quality management system, management system, occupational health and safety management system and hazardous substances management system after two years of efforts. The company won the "First Mayor's Quality Award" in Ji'an City in 2015 and became a demonstration enterprise of scientific and technological innovation in Jiangxi Province, Currently, it is applying for the provincial governor's quality award (Jinggang Quality Award). Liu Ruidan, Ouyang Suying and Dai Haiyan, three Party members, also led Lan Xing and Peng Yanping, two other employees of the System Office, to become activists of the company's Party branch. This year, Zou Zhengping, the secretary of the company's Party branch, was rated as an outstanding Communist Party member in Ji'an City and became the party representative of Jiangxi Province and Ji'an City. This is a microcosm of the political leading role played by the Party organizations and members of non-public enterprises in the development of enterprises in the Economic Development Zone.
The party building in non-public enterprises is the main battlefield and highlight of the party building work in the Development Zone. The Party Working Committee of the Economic and Technological Development Zone attaches great importance to the party building in non-public enterprises. In November 2012, the party committee of non-public economic organizations was officially established, and at the same time, efforts were made to expand the coverage of party building work by strengthening the establishment of branches. Since 2012, the construction of the non-public economic party in the Economic and Technological Development Zone has experienced a process from scratch, from weak to strong. Over the past four years, the Economic Development Zone has constantly sought good ideas and methods to improve the party building in non-public enterprises and promote the combination of party building and development in combination with the actual situation and the specific needs of enterprises. The party building in non-public enterprises has achieved a vigorous development. In the past four years, the non-public party committee of the district has recruited more than 60 new members, and the total number of non-public party members has reached 246. The Party Working Committee of the district has established a system of helping the members of the leading group, dispatched party building instructors, enriched the strength of the non-public enterprise party organization, insisted on "big enterprises", and established advanced models to promote the construction of the non-public enterprise party organization. On average, 7 new non-public enterprise party branches are established every year to ensure that 100% of the eligible non-public enterprises above the designated size establish party organizations. Up to now, there are 60 non-public party branches in the district, The coverage of the Party's organizational work has been effectively expanded.      
The consolidation of the foundation of non-public party organizations and the growth of the party members are conducive to the non-public enterprise party organizations and party members, playing the three political core roles of rights protection, education and organization among the staff and workers, and playing the six political leading roles of leading direction, leading development, leading innovation, leading culture, leading service and leading harmony in the development of enterprises. The non-public party committee of the district takes the construction of key projects of party building as the starting point, and comprehensively improves the quality and connotation of the party building work of non-public enterprises in the whole district through point to area. In the past two years, through the demonstration construction of non-public enterprise branches, the "four in one" party mass activity center, the trial implementation of performance allowances for party members and other distinctive key projects, the subjective initiative of non-public party organizations to focus on party building, demonstrate and promote development has been effectively stimulated, and the party members have been effectively encouraged to stay ahead in production and operation, set an example, effectively improve the production and operation efficiency of enterprises, and promote the development of development zones The development of non-public party construction contributed
Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products is a reformed private enterprise. Yao Xiaodong is not only the general manager of the company, but also the secretary of the party branch of the company. He paid attention to the quality education of the "innovative" party members, led the party members to carry out innovative project practice activities, and trained a large number of young and middle-aged party members with innovative talents. For three consecutive years, the company has carried out the "GMP Knowledge Competition" activity. The company is responsible for undertaking the project of Jiangxi's major science and technology special project "Research on Key Technologies for the Development of Biological and New Pharmaceutical Industries" and has made breakthrough progress. In March 2014, the National Pharmacopoeia Commission determined the quality standard for the production of immune horse plasma of the Institute as the quality standard of the 2015 Chinese Pharmacopoeia. The company's products are exported to more than 30 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, accounting for more than 95% of the national tetanus antitoxin export volume, and the domestic market share is 70% of the national market. In 2014, the company was rated as the national advanced collective of "emphasizing ideals rather than contributions". In recent years, the company's party branch has also been rated as the provincial advanced grass-roots party organization and a good brand of party building in the region. The company has become a provincial private enterprise and a provincial enterprise technology center. He himself was rated as one of the top ten entrepreneurs caring for employees in the city and a national private technology entrepreneur. Last year, it was recognized as the "Top Ten Outstanding Contribution Nomination Award" by the municipal party committee and government.

(Wang Haiqing, reporter Ye Xinggui)

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