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Promote win-win development and integrate into the bridgehead of Daya Bay District

From November 26 to 30, 2021, a group of 7 people from Shenzhen Hi tech Investment Group Co., Ltd. Talent Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. and 2 people from Shenzhen Huayuhengtai Commercial Factoring Co., Ltd. accompanied by Jing Yue, vice chairman of the company, came to the company to carry out investment research, accompanied by the company's investors and board representatives.

The purpose of this survey is to deeply understand the development and construction of the company's independent innovation, production and operation, IPO listing integration, and comprehensively grasp the company's economic development and IPO planning operation. After visiting the company's marketing center, quality research site, production workshop and the new workshop for technological transformation of Xilin bottles, the research team fully recognized the achievements and efforts of our company, and understood the production and sales situation of the company in recent years in detail, and put forward relevant opinions and suggestions to better promote the rapid development of the company.

The research team and the company leader had extensive and in-depth exchanges and communications on the company's operation. Attended the monthly working meeting of the company's four special working groups throughout the process, listened to the report on the work progress and implementation of the previous month by the head office of the joint-stock company and each subsidiary's special work leader, and understood the company's work plan and work objectives for the next month in detail.

At the meeting, the vice chairman of the company stressed that it is necessary to further accelerate the construction of the scientific and technological innovation system, focus on the overall improvement of industrial innovation, complement weaknesses, strengths and weaknesses, focus on "the importance of industry and the call of science and technology", improve the level of production technology, strictly supervise product quality, and strive to build project products into high-quality products. We plan to focus on our work in the next year with high standards, test the effectiveness of our products with hard work, pool the great power of common struggle, and create high-quality drugs that "reassure patients and satisfy people". The research team leader of Hi tech Investment affirmed the achievements of the four special working groups of the company, and placed high hopes on the development of the company. He pointed out that the company has great advantages in raw material supply, industrial layout and research advantages in the field of biomedicine, and has huge development potential. He hoped to maintain and carry forward the good ideas, good methods and good results in management, scientific research, technical innovation, material security and other work, so as to better promote the development of the company. In his speech, the team leader of Huayuheng Research Group said that developing the company into a bridgehead for integration into Daya Bay District is a major opportunity to promote the company's high-quality leapfrog development, an important part of the construction of Jiangxi Biological Demonstration Zone, and a vivid practice to promote high-quality development in the old area. Jiangxi Biology is at the right time and in line with the trend.
After the survey, Chairman Jing Yue expressed his heartfelt thanks to the research team for their long-term concern and support for our company. On the basis of win-win cooperation, the company strives to seek innovation and build a platform on the basis of consolidating high-tech. Continue to strengthen "Cooperate with famous universities at home and abroad to select talents in any way and build a first-class scientific research and production management team; seek development and upgrade on the existing basis. Strengthen core leadership, deepen and expand specialized fields, and strive to break through a number of industrial innovation and technical bottlenecks. Seek depth and work hard to improve the connotation. Make efforts from both the supply side of raw materials and the market demand side, increase product upgrading and upgrading, and improve professional ability Level, focus on building core competitive advantages, and promote the rapid development of the company. It is hoped that with the joint efforts of both parties, we can brave new ways, help each other and achieve win-win results, promote the company's continuous innovation and deep integration, strive to be the first pioneer in the industry, and push the company's development to a new height.

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