Training Record of Jingda Interns



To strengthen the self construction and knowledge updating of the interns assigned to our institute by Jinggangshan University Medical College, and improve the theoretical and practical knowledge of drug GMP. Liu Xiao'an, the head of the production department of the company, and Ji Chong, the chief technical engineer of the R&D department, together with Li Chuanji, the head of the section of the Municipal Food and Drug Administration, held the pre job quality education and tetanus antitoxin production process procedures training classes for interns at the meeting on the second floor of our office building at the end of November 2008.  
In the training class, Li Section Chief of the Municipal Food and Drug Administration made a detailed explanation on the laws and regulations related to GMP and the precautions in GMP certification inspection. Later, General Assistant Liu Xiao'an also gave a detailed explanation on the production process of tetanus antitoxin, and the chief technical engineer Ji Chong gave a training explanation on the relevant knowledge in the development of new products. They answered questions on relevant issues respectively.  
The training was based on the actual situation of the interns, so that they could not only improve their knowledge of drug laws and regulations, but also let them fully understand the production process of tetanus antitoxin, laying a foundation for future internship.

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