International medical personnel remind the residents of the disaster area to guard against tetanus



JAKARTA, JANUARY 15 (Reporter Wu Qiang and Yu Qianliang) The international medical rescue organization "Doctors Without Borders" reminded residents of the disaster area in Aceh, Indonesia, on the 15th to be cautious of catching tetanus when clearing the ruins.
At present, Aceh disaster area is hot and rainy, and there are still many rotten corpses buried in the ruins. People are vulnerable to tetanus infection when looking for useful items in the ruins of destroyed houses. Doctors Without Borders officials said that the organization had found 67 cases of tetanus in Bandayachi City, and it was estimated that the number of people infected with tetanus would increase significantly in the next few days. The officials warned that even with immediate treatment, the death rate of people infected with tetanus still exceeded 25%.
International medical aid workers have begun to distribute gloves and high boots to the residents of Banda Aceh who were involved in clearing the ruins. Some volunteers also drove around the streets with loudspeakers to publicize the danger of tetanus.
According to local media reports, the relevant United Nations agencies have organized about 3000 victims to take part in the debris removal work in Banda Aceh and pay their living expenses every day. Before that, the Indonesian army had been using bulldozers to systematically clean up the ruins. (End)

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