Provincial Market Supervision Bureau leaders visited our company for research and guidance



Anchor the goal and take advantage of the momentum to accelerate the ability of science and technology innovation

--Provincial Market Supervision Bureau leaders visited our company for research and guidance

    On July 7, the provincial market supervision bureau party secretary, director Xie Laifa, deputy director Tan Wenying and a dozen other people visited our company to carry out inspection and research. Liu Zhibin, vice mayor of the municipal government, accompanied the visit. Yao Xiaodong, general manager of the company, led all the staff to receive them warmly.

   Under the guidance of the general manager of the company, the research group entered the workshop, saw the site, asked about the support, and learned in detail about the development of the company's biopharmaceutical and big health industry. They visited the intelligent automatic production line, pilot plant, raw material warehouse, finished product warehouse and other places. They made detailed inquiries about the company's efforts to improve quality standards and update intelligent automatic production lines. When understanding that the company's celine bottle technology reform project from the start of construction to commissioning in just over a year, see the plant a set of intelligent production equipment running fast, Xie Laifa asked the company to fully demonstrate the national anti-serum and immune serum class leader style, play a leading edge in technology, continue to make a demonstration in high precision technology, set a benchmark, further strengthen the chain to complement the chain to extend the chain, strengthen the local support, accelerate the promotion of later projects. He expressed deep concern about the company's development and research of new products of the same kind, and highly affirmed the achievements of the company in keeping up with the current epidemic situation, introducing high-end talents and jointly developing anti-new crown serum products. He encouraged the company to promote new product investment with greater vigor and faster speed, to lead the industry and be in the forefront, fully demonstrating the creativity and innovation of the world's leading immune serum class top enterprise.

     Yao Xiaodong, general manager of the company, introduced in detail the company's concept of keeping up with cutting-edge technology and continuous innovation and development. In giving full play to the main role of enterprises, strengthening technology research and development, relying on innovation-driven development momentum, the company focuses on high-end in consolidating the innovation platform, refining in expanding product technology, practicing quality service on brand-name, consolidating industrial structure on quality, focusing on core business characteristics, and firmly taking the "high, precise, famous, excellent, special The development path of "high, precise, famous, excellent and special". When the research team came to the pilot product workshop and warehouse, they carefully inquired, understood in detail, actively solicited the difficulties and bottlenecks in the company's innovation, and actively thought of ways and ideas to help enterprises to alleviate their difficulties. In particular, when they learned that the company had cooperated with universities and institutes and international first-class talents and teams to carry out research and innovation of anti-new coronavirus serum, and had successfully developed a pilot product of anti-new coronavirus serum, which had a good effect on the neutralization of new coronavirus through pre-clinical research, Secretary Xie and Vice Mayor Liu immediately requested the enterprise to speed up the registration declaration of anti-new coronavirus serum, and as long as the new product could achieve the expected As long as the new product can achieve the expected therapeutic effect, the relevant provincial and municipal departments will do their best to coordinate and help the enterprise to complete the registration declaration, which is a big event in the city and also a big event in the province.

    Everywhere the research team went, they looked at the process, asked about the technology, understood the technical innovation and inspected the innovative products. The company product quality, R & D capabilities, intellectual property rights and patents, brand building and other aspects of the detailed inquiry, targeted for the company to put forward many policies and solutions. Xie Bureau and his party gave full affirmation to the achievements of the company in the market, research and development, sales, quality and other aspects. He asked the company to deeply implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech during his visit to Jiangxi, focus on the target requirement of "being a model and striving for the first", follow the economic work idea of "stabilizing, advancing and adjusting", anchor the target, build on the momentum, efficiently coordinate epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development work, accelerate the whole chain of industrial projects, cluster development, go all out to fight the three quarters, lay the whole year win. Enterprises to develop, product quality improvement work is vital, especially pharmaceutical enterprises, product safety is directly related to the people's life and health safety. The company should resolutely implement the strategy of strengthening the quality of the country and the province, continue to carry out in-depth quality improvement work, focus on solidifying the quality foundation, strengthen scientific and technological empowerment, strengthen risk prevention, especially to strengthen the foresight and foresight of safety risks, grasp the initiative of risk management, and firmly guard the bottom line of product quality and safety. He encouraged Jiang Sheng to continue to carry forward the advantages of innovative research and development, further increase the efforts of research and development, more research and development results into the ground at the same time, further strengthen the construction of intellectual property rights, steadily enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises in the market, and gradually Jiang Sheng into a domestic first-class international famous brand, and make an exemplary role for the development of Jiangxi biomedical health industry.

    Yao Xiaodong, general manager of the company, after listening carefully to the feedback of the research, said that the company will stand at the height of the strategic overall situation, will accelerate the research and development of new products, enhance the company's scientific and technological innovation capacity, the integration of intellectual property work and strengthen the core competitiveness of enterprises, and promote the mutual empowerment of intellectual property work and enterprise development. We will keep in mind the original intention of "making good medicine for people and conscience medicine", always adhere to quality first, further implement the construction of quality control system, standardize each link of production, ensure the standardization of products, and keep the bottom line of safety. At the same time, we will improve our position, innovate, develop ideas, grasp the implementation, with a new perspective of development, with an enterprising attitude, to promote the work of the company to a new level, and play a greater role in building an important strategic pivot point in the construction of a new development pattern.

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