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Jiangsheng Safety Production and Dangerous Chemicals Management Training Conference

In order to improve the safety production awareness and management level of the company's main responsible persons and safety management personnel, prevent and reduce the occurrence of various accidents, effectively guarantee safety production and improve production efficiency. On the afternoon of March 7, the company office organized a training meeting on safety production and hazardous chemicals management in the workshop office.

(Everyone listens carefully to the training content)

"Safety is no trivial matter". As a tireless work of the company head, the training meeting was also highly valued by leaders at all levels of the company. More than 20 main management personnel of departments, procurement and warehouse staff were all present.

(This training is mainly taught by Director Kang)

Kang Weishan, the director of the office, was the keynote speaker of the training meeting. At the training meeting, Director Kang started from the current situation of safe production, relevant policies, laws and regulations of safe production, and first sounded the alarm bell for everyone in mind, so that everyone could pay enough attention to safe production. Then, based on the actual situation of the company, he made in-depth analysis and explanation one by one in combination with the dangerous chemical reagents that are easy to make poison and explode involved in the production process of the company. No matter from the aspects of chemical properties, characteristics, dangerous points, preservation methods, preservation requirements, or the hazards of dangerous chemicals, protective measures, emergency and first aid measures, the director of health care was all inclusive, During the explanation, he put forward his own opinions and requirements in combination with the actual problems that may be encountered in production and the company's safety production management in the future. His detailed explanation, combined with practical analysis and simple knowledge points, benefited the trainees and won warm applause from everyone present!
Every step forward in development, security must follow suit, and both sides of security and development must be strong. The company has always attached great importance to safety production, taking safety production as a long-term important work, and proceeding from the actual development of the enterprise, it has constantly explored and solved various potential safety hazards in the production process, and constantly developed and improved various safety management and safety production systems. Establish a special team to strictly control safety management, ensure that personnel at all levels earnestly implement the requirements, policies and guidelines of safety production, and urge employees to develop good safety behaviors through various methods. Through safety slogans, safety warning signs, safety training and other forms, safety education is widely carried out, and the idea of safe production is constantly reminded, so as to promote the concept of safe production into the mind and heart. Adhering to the principle of "no discussion on safety issues", the company conscientiously pays close attention to the work of safety production to ensure the takeoff of "Jiangsheng".

(Make training notes carefully)

This training is a successful meeting. Through the training, the safety awareness, quality and skills of the company's main principals and safety management personnel have been further improved, so that everyone can timely understand the laws, regulations and policy priorities of work safety, and mobilize the enterprise's initiative and initiative to improve the essential level of work safety and prevent various accidents. In order to effectively implement the work of safety management, Strict prevention of all kinds of accidents has played a positive role.
(Editor's message: Everyone is the leading role in production safety, and there is no onlooker. The relevant departments should always be vigilant, and each of us should also be good safety officers. We should deal with hidden and unexpected risks with normalized and nationwide prevention and control, and build a solid dam for production safety. In this way, we can better promote the faster and better development of Jiangsheng.)

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