Our company won the title of specialized little giant in Jiangxi Province



Recently, we have received many good news and awards! After our Science Association won the title of "Excellent Enterprise Science Association", on March 9, Jiangxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology released the list of specialized small giant enterprises in Jiangxi Province in 2021, and our company was honored to join the list.
The specialized giant in Jiangxi Province is recognized and managed by the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology. The award is aimed at enterprises with good growth, scientific and standardized management, strong innovation ability, excellent quality and brand, and high market share. It is recognized once a year, and the validity period is three years. The selection work has gone through many procedures, such as enterprise application -- preliminary review by local competent departments -- review by the Provincial Commission of Industry and Information Technology -- publicity, etc. The identification criteria can be said to be increased layer by layer, and the screening conditions are also extremely strict. As the largest domestic enterprise engaged in the research, production and sales of antitoxin and immune serum biological products, our company occupies a leading position in the domestic TAT market share. This successful selection is worthy of its name.
For many years, the company has been focusing on and deeply devoting itself to the field of antitoxin and immune serum biological products, striving to be an innovator in the industry to enhance competitiveness through science and technology. Through constant investment in research and development funds, the company has introduced international advanced equipment, established a high-quality research and development team, and is committed to the research and development of new products and new processes; At present, we have made good achievements in tackling key problems of antiserum, optimizing production process and upgrading product quality and technology!
Next, the company will take the favorable opportunity of preparing for listing to further standardize itself in management, increase efforts to promote innovation and the building of R&D capabilities, and strictly control product quality. With excellent products and quality, the company will win the brand of Jiangsheng, impact a larger market share, and further consolidate Jiangsheng's position as a "giant" in the industry.
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