Jiangxi Biotech, the pioneer of drug production quality and safety commitment activities



Drug safety and quality first, everyone participates, promises and acts

Jiangxi Biotech, the pioneer of drug production quality and safety commitment activities

Jiangxi Biotech, with a history of more than 50 years of biopharmaceutics, has always put the quality and safety of drugs at the top of its business development. Adhering to the purpose of "making high-quality drugs for the global people", it always reminds all staff to work hard to be the owner of a new era enterprise that "understands technology, abides by rules and regulations, refines technology, guarantees quality and dares to innovate", and strives to build high-quality, efficient and high-quality drugs.
The quality of the medicine was only given full marks, but failed. As a special commodity, the quality of drugs is directly related to the physical and mental health of patients, and even to the life safety of patients. As a pharmaceutical manufacturer, pharmaceutical production quality and safety is the lifeline and bottom line of value of pharmaceutical enterprises.
As a pioneer in the biomedical industry, Jiangxi Biotech always insists that quality is the life of the enterprise, and quality is the basis for the development of the enterprise. Over the years, the company has kept high standards and strict requirements, actively promoted production quality and safety, implemented various quality management works, and steadily promoted and continuously improved the construction of the quality management system. For decades, the company has never been slack.




On May 18, in response to the special rectification action of drug safety of Jiangxi Drug Administration, in order to effectively implement the "four strictest" requirements of drug supervision, the company organized all employees to carry out a drug production quality and safety commitment activity in the meeting room on the third floor.
Zhong Yuling, the person in charge of quality, presided over the activity. In the opening, she proposed that the words "cherish life, quality first" were easy to write, but difficult to do! Yes, there is only one life. Life is incomparable wealth in the world. Drug quality and safety is directly related to human life safety. It is like a long link, which affects the whole body and affects the life and death of enterprises and patients. Therefore, to pay attention to drug production quality and safety is to pay attention to the lives of patients, that is, to pay attention to ourselves. As the top priority of the company's work, drug quality must not become an empty talk. As a member of the company, we must put the relationship between drug quality and work in order, enhance quality awareness, fulfill commitments, consolidate production quality, eliminate unsafe factors in a timely manner, pay close attention to the investigation and rectification of potential production quality hazards, always be in a "walking on thin ice" state, consciously implement various laws and regulations, and strictly standardize operations, Actively master the knowledge and skills of the post, transform the business theoretical knowledge into the skills of production quality, and firmly build the product quality barrier.


At the meeting, Yao Xiaodong, the general manager of the company, read out the Letter of Commitment on the Quality and Safety of Drug Production, and made a commitment to abide by drug laws and regulations and consciously do a good job in drug production quality and safety under the supervision of all staff. He called on all employees to improve the quality and safety awareness of drug production, fully implement the "four strictest" requirements, and keep alert and not careless in the daily production process, because drug safety is related to the health and social stability of patients, ensuring the quality and safety of drug production is related to the well-being of the people, and is related to the company's development. Therefore, the first is to establish a correct professional outlook and cultivate a good quality awareness. Only when you love your job and cherish your position can you have a sense of responsibility, be loyal to the enterprise and work, ensure the quality of drugs, and be a pioneer who consciously abides by the company's rules and regulations, and abide by the drug production quality management specifications. Second, all staff immediately took action to actively implement various policy requirements, improve the drug production quality management system, further investigate potential loopholes in drug production quality and safety, take timely measures against the problems found, improve the drug vigilance system, and truly create a "conscience medicine" that reassures the people, so as to provide guarantee for the high-quality and rapid development of the enterprise. The third is to firmly establish the concept of ensuring that the whole process of drug production continues to meet legal requirements, regard quality as life, organize production in strict accordance with the requirements of drug GMP, organize production in strict accordance with the approved production process, effectively strengthen the quality control of all aspects of drug production, implement comprehensive quality management of all staff, all directions and the whole process, and ensure drug safety.


(Content of Letter of Commitment)

At the meeting, President Yao requested that all departments and personnel at all levels take immediate action to further improve the quality and safety of drug production, fulfill all commitments and build a strong "moat" for product safety and product quality with standards higher than those required in the letter of commitment. At the same time, we welcome the staff and all sectors of society to supervise the performance of our commitments!
President Yao finally stressed that the production quality has only a starting point and no end point. It is hoped that all employees can improve the quality and safety of drug production, achieve the goal of "everyone, everything, all the time, and everywhere", and realize the transformation from "I want quality" to "I want quality" and "I want quality", so as to effectively promote the continuous and stable improvement of the company's production quality, ensure the safety and effectiveness of drug production quality, and promote the high-quality development of the company's drugs.

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