Our leaders study the spirit of the provincial drug production supervision meeting in depth



Re-emphasize Re-implementation to ensure the absolute safety of drug production quality

--Division I leaders study the spirit of the provincial drug production supervision meeting in depth

On May 20, the Provincial Drug Administration held a video conference on the supervision of drug production in the province. The provincial drug administration supervision bureau party group members, deputy director Zhang Guangwen and other leaders attended this meeting, our general manager Yao Xiaodong rate company quality responsible, production responsible and quality, production, pharmacovigilance and other department personnel through the remote video conference form the whole meeting, and carefully record the meeting content.

The leaders of the provincial bureau summarized the work of drug production supervision in our province in the past three years, analyzed the current situation of drug safety, and studied and deployed the measures of drug production quality and safety in our province. Provincial Bureau leadership in his speech, especially stressed that the quality and safety of drugs is directly related to people's health and life safety, the enterprises must be aware of the current new situation and new tasks facing drug production, and accurately grasp the significance of good drug safety work; must be in line with the development needs, heavy innovation, turn the way, adjust the structure, fill the shortcomings, strong weaknesses, improve the level of development, enhance the ability to withstand risks;. Must implement the main responsibility, highlight the legal awareness, strengthen the bottom line thinking, integrity production and operation, strict quality management, from the source to keep the quality of drugs.

Provincial Bureau leadership requirements, 2022 is the year of the 20th Party Congress, is a major event in the political life of the Party and the country, to protect the stability of the drug safety situation is of great significance. The enterprises should further deepen the implementation of responsibility, strict prevention, strict control, strict control of drug safety risks, and effectively protect the quality and safety of drugs to ensure that the people's drug safety and effective. First, to effectively fulfill the main responsibility of enterprises, strengthen the sense of responsibility, take the initiative, the bottom line thinking to implement the whole process of drug production and operation activities; second, to strengthen the risk and hidden danger investigation, and effectively carry out self-examination and self-correction work, comprehensive prevention and resolution of all kinds of risks and hazards to ensure a stable drug safety situation; third, to further enhance the level of management, strengthen the management of post-marketing changes to drugs, drug annual reports, pharmacovigilance Fourth, to effectively maintain the stability of the drug safety situation, all departments and units to raise the political stance, strengthen the responsibility to carry out solid supervision and inspection to ensure the effectiveness.

After the meeting, in order to fully implement the spirit of the meeting, Mr. Yao made the following arrangements: Firstly, relevant departments should immediately organize study, deeply understand the spirit of the meeting and preach to all staff, and further strengthen the awareness of drug quality and safety of all staff. Second, resolutely improve our quality system construction work in accordance with the conference instructions, so that our quality management system to further scientific and standardized approach. Third, the relevant departments immediately take action to resolutely implement the instructions of Deputy Director Zhang Guangwen and do a good job on the "four requirements".

The implementation of "drug quality and safety" is a long-term and arduous task. Next, we will continue to carry forward the spirit of strict control and strictly abide by the commitments of drug production quality and safety. We will continue to explore and improve the system construction of drug quality management, resolutely implement the national laws and regulations on drug quality management, and ensure the continuous absolute safety of drug production quality. Fulfill the basic obligation of making "conscientious medicine" and "safe medicine" for the people.


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