Deng Dayi, the "most beautiful science and technology worker" in Ji'an City



The perfect interpretation of the struggler's youth with the horse as the dream
-Deng Dayi, the "most beautiful science and technology worker" in Ji'an City

Motivation from the horse dream, passion to create Jiang Sheng! For the sake of Jiang Sheng's horse dream, he takes the simple task as a great cause to complete, to the essence of sincerity, stopping at perfection; he likes to challenge, happy to innovate, continuous learning, research and accumulation, the technology is increasingly refined and perfect. His work attitude of perfection has won him praise and trust, and has also given him strength, strength and self-confidence. In May 2022, he was awarded as "the most beautiful science and technology worker" in Ji'an City.

The technological dream of improving product quality

With a solid body, dark skin, deep glasses hiding a pair of deep, shrewd eyes, he works like a light breeze, and his skillful operation skills reflect the quality of his excellent professional technology. With his excellent professional foundation, he has led his team to overcome many technical problems encountered in several projects, participated in the research and development of five new products of antivenom, led the upgrading of new processes and technological innovation of existing products of the company, participated in the implementation of major provincial and municipal science and technology projects, and written many patents. He has worked out a set of biopharmaceutical R&D tips of his own and made outstanding contributions to the development of the company's pharmaceutical R&D business.

In order to improve the quality of products and further improve the drug R&D system, he continuously strengthens the R&D system and R&D capacity building to effectively perform the drug R&D functions. He has established the management system of experimental operation, record management system, sample management system, archive management system, safety and hygiene management system, waste and pollutant disposal management system and testing point management system in the pharmaceutical R&D laboratory, and standardized the testing process with the system to effectively achieve "compliance culture on the wall, compliance concept in the heart, compliance implementation on the ground "To ensure the accuracy and compliance of drug development.

Enriching the dream of improving one's knowledge

As a pharmaceutical professional, "to develop safer, more effective and controllable biopharmaceuticals" has been burning in his heart as an inextinguishable dream fire. He takes learning as the first demand, while learning systematically and centrally from books, he learns more from peers and the masses in pieces and squeezes in time. To R & D practice as the first position, in-depth workshop front line, practice front line sharpening exercise, improve the ability to constantly adapt to the project R & D new era development requirements.

I am a member of the party, only when the skills are excellent, can "really take charge, really responsible, really as", he puts the ideological education of the R & D team in the first place, and takes the lead in responding to the company's call of "those who work have a place, those who suffer eat fragrant", and strive to be " Want to be, dare to be, will be, can be" the project leader. Guide the company's scientific and technical personnel to do a line of love, drill a line of excellence, and manage a line like a line. Use positive incentives, so that those who want to work, can work, and do a good job have the opportunity to have a stage, so that the best, the mediocre, and the bad out. Let the "four consciousness" into the blood, into the soul, consciously do loyalty to the party, for the Division to share the worries, for the enterprise to do their duty.

Combining his expertise, he organized the Association of Science and Technology to carry out a rich variety of scientific and technological publicity, drug quality into the enterprise, into the community and other activities to further enhance the people's awareness of drug safety responsibility and self-protection awareness, creating a good atmosphere inside and outside the company concern for all people, everyone involved, the whole community to care about drug quality, by the staff and the public praise.

The struggle to realize the dream of self-transcendence

Only for the sake of surpassing, can we innovate. He takes the initiative to find and discover the focus and direction of scientific research in the market, seizes the company's "product upgrading", "development of similar products" and other development plans, combines the key, difficult and hot issues of public concern, expands the scope of research and development, categories, and divergent thinking from multiple angles. Put forward new ideas of our own.

With the increase of the company's R & D topics and tasks continue to enter the deep water, once encountered a major R & D difficulties, after repeated attempts, he encouraged everyone on the one hand, "there is no shortcut to success, as long as we are diligent, all personnel unite into a rope, the strength to one place, the difficulties are only temporary, the final victory must belong to us! "On the other hand, he actively organizes R&D staff to discuss solutions, personally leads the team to continuously try new experimental methods, improve test parameters and frequency, and strengthen the analysis of results. On the other hand, he actively organizes R&D staff to discuss solutions, personally leads the team to continuously try new experimental methods, improve test parameters and frequency, strengthen the analysis and judgment of results, timely find problems, and propose new methods and measures. Under his leadership, we all work together to overcome one problem, one hurdle, overcome barriers, greatly improve the intrinsic quality of the product, to ensure the safety of the majority of patients, to create a Jiang Sheng "R & D iron army".

He insists on "taking horse as dream", devotes himself to research and development, strictly requires himself in daily work, constantly improves himself, achieves self-transcendence, interprets the love for enterprise and enthusiasm for work with practical actions, shines his glory in the ordinary post, and writes his remorseless youth.

Just like the flowers and trees that he lives with, no matter whether there is no one to pay attention to, no one to appreciate, are trying hard to bloom themselves, dedicate themselves, present to the world all the beauty and fragrance, he has given the most wonderful answer to life on his own post.



Let us take him as our role model, start from ourselves, work hard with stronger faith, fuller spirit, more pragmatic attitude, rise to the challenge, be innovative, and play our part in the development of Jiang Sheng's business together. I believe that the next "Deng Dayi" will be you!

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