Jiangxi Biology Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base was awarded



Aiming at the international frontier, exploring innovative breakthroughs and cultivating new talents with characteristics

---- Jiangxi Biology Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base was awarded

On the morning of June 23, the provincial postdoctoral work conference and training course for postdoctoral managers sponsored by the provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security was held in Jinxi Hotel in Nanchang. Our company participated in the meeting as one of the 30 enterprises approved to build provincial postdoctoral innovation practice base in 2022.


In this meeting, the postdoctoral work of the province was summarized and arranged, the winners of the first national postdoctoral innovation and entrepreneurship competition in Jiangxi Province were announced and introduced, and the new postdoctoral innovation and practice base was officially awarded.


(Company representative receives the card)


(Contents of the plaque)

The approval of Jiangxi Province Postdoctoral Innovation Practice Base is the affirmation of the superior authorities on the comprehensive strength of the company's innovation and research, which will stimulate our R&D and innovation enthusiasm, marking a new chapter of the company's talent training. "Innovation" is the DNA of Jiang Sheng, and talents are the foundation and source of innovation. Post-doctoral students have profound knowledge base and ability to explore and innovate, and they are the high-level talent group for implementing innovation-driven development strategy. After the establishment of the post-doctoral innovation base, we encourage the doctoral talents working in the station to aim at the international frontier and strive to be the explorer of innovation breakthroughs. The company will increase the introduction and recruitment of post-doctoral staff into the station, further take the company's flexible introduction of domestic and foreign expert team as the main body, attract overseas, provincial and foreign doctors into the station, improve the quality of post-doctoral researchers training, play the scientific research team talent gathering effect, and bring together more outstanding talents for the company. Let the doctors in the company's research field with the spirit of ten years to sharpen a sword, willing to sit on the bench, sink their hearts to dive into learning, conduct exploratory and innovative research, and constantly march into unknown areas, climb to the peak of science and technology and academia. Encourage doctoral talents to focus on the development needs of the company and society, and strive to be the practitioners of entrepreneurship and innovation. Give more play to the role of enterprises as the main body of innovation, promote the close integration of industry, academia, research and application, accelerate the transformation of innovation achievements into real productivity, create jobs, create social wealth, give more people a platform to show their talents, and strive to be the trendsetter of the world innovation trend.

Set up a world vision, strengthen international communication and cooperation, dare to participate in international competition, improve the company and its own capabilities in open development, and promote the implementation of the innovation-driven development strategy in order to solve the major problems that restrict the development of the company. Focus on the company's innovation-led development, guide postdoctoral researchers to innovate and start up in the company, and continuously enhance the company's innovation, competitiveness, development and sustainability. We advocate the postdoctoral researchers to write their thesis on the company's products and transform the scientific research results into the company's development. To promote the "key variable" of science and technology innovation into the "maximum increment" of high-quality development of enterprises, to stimulate the huge potential of science and technology as the first productive force, to explore continuous empowerment for the biomedical industry, and to run a modernized "new track" in the development. The "Jiang Sheng acceleration" of modernization and high quality development will be run on the "track" of development.

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