Jinggangshan Economic Development Zone identified 100 district-level talents



Jinggangshan Economic Development Zone identified 100 district-level talents

 Recently, Jinggangshan Economic Development Zone completed the third batch of district-level talent identification, adding 100 district-level talent. In recent years, the district adhere to the market-oriented talent evaluation mechanism based on the recommendation of the employer, for three consecutive years to carry out district-level talent recognition, a total of 299 district-level talent selected. The selected talent allowance of 1,800 yuan per quarter for two years has been issued, and the total amount of district-level talent allowance is 1,812,600 yuan, which effectively helps enterprises stabilize the backbone of the talent team and cultivate a number of leading talents, including two people who were evaluated as provincial "skilled craftsmen", one person who was selected as the first batch of T-type talents in the city, and three people who were selected as city "Double hundred plan".

  It is understood that the district-level talent recognition after the enterprise recommendation, qualification preliminary examination, joint evaluation, meeting research, public announcement and other procedures of screening, from the 213 people declared the selection of 100 district-level talent. From the declaration situation, the declaration of enterprises, the number of declared compared to the previous year have increased significantly, reflecting that after three years of continuous publicity and selection, district-level talent policy more deeply rooted in people's hearts. From the selected situation, including 21 electronic information enterprises, 55 people, biomedical enterprises, 7, 15 people, equipment manufacturing enterprises, 9, 17 people, advanced materials enterprises, 5, 9 people, other enterprises, 4, 4 people, the first industry, the weight of the leading industry is reflected.

  In the selection, the district mainly grasp and highlight the following principles: First, the allocation of indicators highlighting the contribution of enterprises, mainly based on tax revenue contribution, while tilting to the "1 + 3" leading industries, the introduction of new large projects in the past two years moderately tilted. Second, the personnel audit highlights the party organization gatekeeper, by the party building guide of each enterprise in conjunction with the enterprise party branch, whether the enterprise is open and fair to carry out talent recommendation, whether the recommended personnel in the enterprise and the position to play a backbone role in the supervision, review, gatekeeper. Third, the personnel screening highlight the front-line backbone, adhere to the "industry-led, focus on contributions, layered cultivation" and "highlight technical skills talent, cultivate R & D innovation talent, taking into account the principle of business management talent", clearly has been named Luling talent, district-level talent and Reaching the "Luling talent" standard, not selected. At the same time, on the basis of respect for enterprise recommendations, based on technical ability, type of position, length of service in the enterprise and other factors, priority selection of technical personnel and front-line backbone. Among the selected personnel, there are 4 masters, 41 undergraduates, 42 college students, 13 undergraduates, 60% of technical skills, 12% of R & D innovation talents, 28% of management talents. The technical skill talents increased by 10 percentage points compared with the previous year.


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