The 2018 work summary and advanced recognition conference was successfully held




  At 9:00 a.m. on January 27, 2018, all the staff gathered to hold the 2018 annual work summary and advanced recognition conference in the training center on the third floor to witness and share 2018.
The meeting first heard the 2018 Year end Work Summary made by Mr. Hu Xiande, Deputy General Manager of the Company, on behalf of the management team. The past 2018 has been an extraordinary and fulfilling year in the company's history. The report is based on detailed data, real examples, correct positioning from the long-term development plan, and careful analysis of 10 major tasks; The main work carried out from the annual production and operation target to a new high has been summarized and refined. In the past year, the company has actively adapted to the market and development, increased precision work, scientifically configured the organizational structure, optimized and integrated human resources, and focused on combining "blood transfusion" with "blood production"; Use business training to improve staff skills, and combine "conscientious work" with "teaching people to fish"; Constantly update the thinking and concept, use the corporate culture to drive the thinking of employees, increase efficiency from downsizing, speed from technological innovation, benefit from the broad market, and guarantee product quality. The report reviewed the work done and achievements achieved in 2018, creating a good situation of "new heights in production and operation, continuous progress in enterprise management, stable and orderly safety and quality, significant improvement in brand image, and a new look for employees". The report analyzes and reviews the glory and mission of fulfilling the task in 2018, the achievement of goals and performance, the work measures of each department, existing problems and suggestions. The report points out that the marketing center always focuses on the main line of the market. Through in-depth market visits, recruitment of middle and senior sales management personnel, market integration, organization of dealer and sales manager training and other means, the business level and service skills of sales personnel were improved, product publicity and promotion were carried out, key customer visits were conducted, the latest industry trends at home and abroad were accurately grasped, sales volume and large orders were promoted by incentive policies, and a new record was created. The Production Department overcame the intermittent impact of production caused by adverse factors such as the off-season of sales in the first half of the year and insufficient storage space in the cold storage. Actively respond, take the initiative to seize the favorable conditions for the Company to increase environmental protection investment in the second half of the year by comparing with the work objectives at the beginning of the year, reasonably adjust the production plan, increase the production cycle, improve the internal management working mechanism, formulate the daily supervision process, inspection process, internal violation investigation and handling process of production management, and uniformly coordinate the production overtime of each department to ensure that the annual production tasks are exceeded. All employees earnestly carried out the GMP re certification once every five years, and implemented the mechanism of division of labor and responsibility of the management team, and the responsibility of departments and offices, as well as the responsibility of reform. The certification team organized all staff to study carefully, deeply understand the spirit of GMP quality specification, and make sure that it is clear every day and every week; Pass the inspection item by item and conduct monthly inspection to ensure that the quality center remains unchanged. The members of the certification team usually ask employees to do what they are required to do, and they should do what they are required to do better. During the certification period, all employees worked conscientiously, fully carried forward the spirit of continuous struggle, sleep and food, and selfless dedication, successfully completed the GMP re certification and obtained a new GMP certificate, and firmly established the idea of not relaxing quality among the staff. A good situation has been formed in which new product R&D is conducted in a careful and orderly manner, independent cooperation goes hand in hand, official documents are managed in an orderly manner, and party building leads the mass explosion.

 The report puts forward the company's development vision in 2019. The company will focus on the development plan of the Group's decision-making committee and the board of directors, highlight the working idea of "one implementation, two acceleration, three main lines and four focuses", and focus on improving quality and efficiency, "Implement the main responsibility of the management team to focus on quality and efficiency; accelerate the innovation of the sales market model, accelerate the progress of new product and new technology research and development; firmly grasp the main line of 'improving quality and efficiency, increasing price and income, increasing production increment'; focus on 'talent, quality, project and efficiency'". Correctly handle the relationship between "construction and development, output and quality, norms and exceptions, supervision and initiative, safety and responsibility, reform and innovation, harmony and common prosperity", manage ideas, solve problems, and take multiple measures to create an efficient and happy Jiangsheng.
Then Liu Xiao'an, the deputy general manager of the company, read out the "Notice on the Commendation of Advanced Collectives and Advanced Individuals", and the representative of the marketing center who was awarded the advanced collectives made an award speech: First of all, he thanked the leaders of our group companies, the leaders of joint-stock companies and colleagues who closely cooperated, supported and improved together. Thanks for your hard work and dedication in this year, Jiangsheng Co., Ltd. has made unprecedented achievements. Under the guidance of the company's leaders at all levels, the marketing center strives to improve the company's marketing system with the market as the guide, the product as the core and the dealer as the link. Based on the marketing reform, we have set up a new three outlook of "seeking benefits from the market, making progress together, and judging heroes by performance", made great efforts to promote the transformation of the marketing model, rebuild channel channels, establish a capable sales team, focus on the adjustment of domestic sales prices, strengthen the establishment of marketing services and management systems, and do our best to carry out sales work in accordance with the marketing idea of "one province, one policy" and the measure of keeping pace with domestic and foreign sales, All sales indicators have reached new historical highs. Looking back on the progress of our colleagues, the vitality of our team, and the progress of the market in the year, we can not do without the strong support of our customers, the support and cooperation between departments, and the hard work of our colleagues every time. Next, the advanced personal representative delivered his acceptance speech: I didn't speak grandiloquently or make earth shaking achievements, because I was just an ordinary employee. My job is as a warehouse keeper. The work in the warehouse seems simple and easy, but in fact, in addition to physical strength, what is more important is mental strength. The work in the warehouse is complex and complicated, which requires enough patience and care, and more importantly, a sense of office responsibility. Before, when Kingdee system was not enabled in the warehouse, the work was smooth. Since the software system was added, the company required the software system to be consistent with GMP, which not only increased our workload, but also made many operations feel stuck suddenly, becoming very cumbersome. However, I am still modest and eager to learn. What I don't understand is that besides asking people in my department to teach me, I also called the software service center countless times. At that time, the software system program often made mistakes because of its initial trial, which not only failed to do a good job in the software work, but also delayed the warehouse for so long. After that, I worked overtime every day to complete the delayed things. Until now, the software system operation was basically smooth. Let me share with you some of my own work experience: 1. When dealing with work, you should first pay attention; 2. Be modest and have a spirit of dedication; 3. Be united and friendly with colleagues, and be diligent in thinking about work. In my future work, I will still carry forward the spirit of hard work and perseverance, unite colleagues, love Jiang Sheng, play a leading role in production and life, and constantly overcome my own shortcomings and shortcomings. In the future, I hope that all colleagues can share weal and woe with the company, share weal and woe, unite with the company, meet challenges with more full enthusiasm, vigorous energy and pragmatic style, and create brilliance for Jiangsheng. Finally, all employees of the company also gave the most sincere congratulations and warm applause to the award-winning advanced collectives and individuals.

  At the meeting, the general manager of the company sent New Year's greetings to all employees. Focused on the work spirit of all colleagues, under the leadership of the Group Company and the concern of the Board of Directors, under the leadership of Jiangsheng's management team, focusing on the objectives and tasks assigned by the Group Company to Jiangsheng and the business objectives at the beginning of the year, as well as 10 tasks, to forge ahead with determination and go all out, especially the production and marketing profits to a new historical high. It was clearly pointed out that the achievement could not be achieved without the support of the leaders of the Group Company and the hard work of all the colleagues present day and night. On behalf of the members of the company's management team, he expressed his heartfelt thanks to all Jiangsheng colleagues who have been struggling in the production line!
Then he made a supplementary speech on various work in 2018 and extracted seven good and six bad things. Seven good: 1. The annual operating indicators hit a new record high; 2. Scientific and technological innovation and intellectual property work have achieved gratifying results; 3. The GMP re certification once every five years, the on-site inspection passed once, and the GMP certificate was obtained one month in advance; 4. Re adjust the original sales market and model, expand the scope of self operated market, adjust agents and agent regions, and lay a solid foundation for the next step of the company's marketing policy adjustment; 5. Complete the change of tax rate; 6. Established the company's technology and development committee, and launched the company's product quality and technology monthly regular meeting system, which has far-reaching significance for new products and new technologies to be quickly implanted into the company's products and improve the company's efficiency; 7. Outstanding achievements have been made in grass-roots party building, and the city has won the title of advanced individual and excellent grass-roots party organization. Six worries: 1. The company's ability to resist risks is still huge, and the company's products are single, so it is necessary to strengthen scientific research investment as soon as possible and increase the company's new product line; 2. Although the sales in 2018 are relatively ideal, the main competitors will still have an impact; 3. There is still a shortage of professionals in equipment and facilities management, maintenance and fault handling; 4. The potency test risk still exists; 5. The professional and technical level of R&D personnel is not strong; 6. Due to the imperfect salary system and talent delivery mechanism, there is a lack of versatile new backbone who understands management and has technology. He made new arrangements for the work in 2019; First, the business objectives for 2019 were clarified; The second is to arrange the project management for the twelfth year of 2019. In 2019, the company will closely focus on the development planning of the Group's decision-making committee and the company's board of directors, highlight the working idea of "one implementation, two acceleration, three main lines and four focuses", focus on improving quality and efficiency, and correctly handle the relationship of "construction and development, output and quality, specification and exception, supervision and initiative, safety and responsibility, reform and innovation, harmony and common prosperity", manage ideas, solve problems Take multiple measures at the same time, march forward bravely, and strive for the goal of comprehensively advancing joint-stock companies to the capital market with a new fighting attitude, a new spiritual outlook, and a new working style. Finally, on the occasion of the arrival of the Spring Festival, General Manager Yao sent his best wishes to all employees.



  At the end of the meeting, Mr. Liu Yurui, the chairman of the company, also made an important speech after listening to the speech of the meeting. He first gave full recognition to the company's work and achievements in 2018; And I have two thoughts about Jiang Sheng's work in 2018: 1. Create a good market atmosphere; 2. Create a good atmosphere of innovative technology and quality; In the new year, we hope that all the staff will follow the management pace of the group company, take production, operation and quality management as the top priority of the whole company, pay attention to "increasing the price for domestic sales and increasing the price for export sales" in the business strategy, go all out, be brave in innovation, keep forging ahead, and comprehensively promote all work to a new level and create new brilliance with high-quality and efficient services and a high sense of ownership!


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