Party members of the company science and technology research team to Changsha to participate in the national drug opportunity



In order to promote the company's development and technological progress in the biopharmaceutical industry, enhance the company's scientific and technological innovation ability, and strengthen the exchange of new ideas, new achievements and new experiences, the party branch of the company decided to set up a "Party Members' Scientific and Technological Attack Team" with the representatives of party members in the positions of technical research and development, production backbone and quality inspection at the beginning of 2019. from April 16 to April 18, 2019, under the leadership of the party branch of the company A party members' scientific and technological attack team represented by party members' backbone was sent to the site of Changsha Pharmaceutical Machinery Exhibition to carry out the equipment selection and inspection of the celine bottle production line of the military-civilian integration technology reform project. Before departure, the secretary of the party branch of the company made several points clear for the party members to go out for inspection. First, we should use our own learning spirit, strengthen the communication and exchange with the same industry, equipment manufacturers, see more, think more, think more, to contact the company and the actual position, with the problem to investigate. Second, the organization of the party members' scientific and technological research group exhibition is an organic combination with the party day activities, we should cherish and grasp the opportunity, to draw nutrition and strength from it, the spirit of innovation through the actual work. In the exhibition, the backbone of the party members should be exercised and inculcated from it, and the awareness of the masses and the responsibility of the party members should be enhanced, so that the party members can receive party education and improve their party cultivation at the front line. The knowledge learned will be applied to improve the economic efficiency of the company, play a role in driving the staff to create excellence and innovation, and play a pioneering and exemplary effect of the party members. A line of more than 10 people and nearly 100 industry "big shots" to go to the "spring invitation", gathered in Changsha, to discuss the "manufacturing industry + Internet" development strategy, talk about Jiangxi biological The "Smart Manufacturing Valley" has a bright vision of high-quality development.

This year, the company to accelerate the pace of capital markets, in-depth "industrial project construction year" activities, to help promote industrial transformation, transformation and upgrading, the formation of biomedical intelligent equipment, a new generation of biotechnology, new products to accelerate the rise. Biopharmaceuticals as a leader, driving the horse industry; agricultural and animal husbandry industry as a leader, driving the linkage of the circular economy of the new pattern; 4 + N industry model: an industry to drive four bases, a grassland to drive two business, a sandy land to drive three circular economy, a woodland to drive the development of the layout of two directions, and strive to complete the annual business income of more than 200 million yuan.

The company sent the party members of science and technology research team to participate in the national pharmaceutical opportunities exhibition aims to integrate industry resources, the establishment of production, learning, research closely integrated scientific management mechanism to promote the company's ability to produce pharmaceutical technology independent innovation, accelerate the company's pharmaceutical equipment industry restructuring and optimization and upgrading, for the urgent needs of the world's customers, to provide high-quality products with high technology content, accelerate the company's pharmaceutical equipment and pharmaceutical technology to catch up with the world advanced level.

Party members of the scientific and technological research team arrived at the Convention and Exhibition Center, the party members of the scientific and technological research team deputy leader, vice president of quality Liu Xiaoan and the party members of the scientific and technological research team deputy leader, chief engineer of technology research and development, each led a group, respectively, to investigate the preparation machinery hall, API equipment machinery hall, pharmaceutical packaging machinery hall, pharmaceutical water, gas equipment hall, pharmaceutical crushing equipment hall, drug testing equipment hall, other pharmaceutical machinery and equipment Pavilion. "Intelligent manufacturing" is the most concerned topic of the party members' science and technology research group, they always stand in the front source of science and technology, focusing on the intelligent unmanned factory ~ Industry 4.0 business, according to the company's actual focus on the clean area environment online monitoring system, clean room air conditioning automatic control system, aseptic preparation data collection system, drug extraction control system and intelligent unmanned factory. In order to promote the exchange of pharmaceutical enterprises and pharmaceutical equipment enterprises, to promote the development of China's pharmaceutical equipment industry, CIPM exhibition held a number of meetings and international forums at the same time, invited the industry's leading experts around online control, automation and robotics applications and other hot issues for special lectures, party members of the attack group staff listen carefully, carefully note, and actively ask questions to speak interaction. During the visit, the party members found that some domestic manufacturers are committed to the development and manufacture of high performance and high quality products, and have developed their own brands by absorbing the advanced technologies at home and abroad, gathering the strengths of all, and making unremitting efforts to research. Their products with novel structure, beautiful shape, energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection, easy maintenance has won the majority of users and praise, in the domestic and international pharmaceutical equipment products market opened up a new piece of their own open land, at the same time, deeply impressed, said to learn from them, the idea of independent innovation to carry forward. The exhibitors also listened carefully to the introduction of the current development of pharmaceutical equipment technology in each pavilion, and invited themselves to experience the operation performance and intelligent control mode of modern advanced equipment. Ltd. on the "next generation advanced drug manufacturing platform" and observed the "intelligent mobile sterilization robot", intelligent manufacturing solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, modular VR factory experience, purification and air conditioning engineering The overall solution of equipment. In the case of time constraint, we also visited Chutian Technology Co., Ltd. Combining theoretical and practical learning, the participating party members expressed that the visit was novel, informative, focused and effective, which further enhanced the confidence to do well in new product development and improve GMP standardization.

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