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The long history of 5,000 years has nurtured a profound national culture and a long-standing experience of Chinese characteristics, which is an enduring treasure in the management of cultural art. It is like the stars in summer, shining with dazzling brilliance, and it is like the hundred flowers in spring, emitting a fragrant fragrance. When we quietly open a book and wander in the sea of books, knowledge accompanies us in every step of life, which is the wish of our enterprise managers themselves and the heartfelt wish of the company's talent growth.

At 16:00 on November 02, 2021, the company's middle-level reading kick-off meeting was held in front of the lobby of the office building. The kick-off meeting was presided over by Vice General Manager Liu Xiaoan, and more than 30 senior executives and staff above the middle and grassroots level attended. Vice General Manager Liu Xiaoan introduced in detail the goal and significance of this reading meeting. In order to enable the company's managers to correctly cognize their role and do their own positioning, in accordance with the company issued the "notice on further strengthening the management of the company" the relevant requirements, the company organized the first reading session in November, the current study content for the "role of managers cognitive and positioning", the relevant learning materials sent to everyone to study, the future will determine a monthly learning content, please combine their own and The company will hold a learning experience sharing meeting at the end of this month, and some students will be randomly selected to participate.

"The book has its own gold house, the book has its own face like jade." There is light in the book, which can illuminate the heart of our managers; there is heavenly music in the book, which can make us return to the embrace of nature and return to simplicity; there is wise and wise jumping in the book, the flow of sentiment, the extension of ups and downs, the poetic expression, and the inspiration of innovative management. Let the fragrance of books overflow our harmonious factory, and let good books accompany the company and our healthy growth together.

General manager Yao Xiaodong emphasized in the mobilization that we should take this book club as an opportunity to learn every day and always think about it. A new book is like a ship that leads us from a narrow place to an infinitely wide ocean. We love to read, because the book allows us to understand the long and splendid culture of our country; we love to read, because the book shows us a wonderful and colorful world; we love to read, because the book teaches us the truth of being a man; we love to read, because the book gives us the skills to survive and develop and innovate in science and technology, therefore, we have to combine practical learning, combined with the job to learn, in learning to think, in learning to use, in practice Play, really solve the problems in the work. We should learn new ideas, new knowledge and new skills from books, exchange experience with colleagues, and apply what we have learned to the company's innovative management, innovative science and technology, and innovative thinking; we should learn strengths, compare wisdom and make contributions from people around us. If we are persistent, we will be able to reach the height of "dry will become, line will arrive" in our business.

Here, I would like to propose to all the employees of the company, especially the managers above the grassroots level, and hope that we can provide ourselves with quiet reading time and space under the initiative of the company, actively participate in the reading activities held by the company, and share the good time of reading with our colleagues, and share the pleasure of reading.

Colleagues, read! Let us take the reading activity as a new plowing and sowing, let the charming and strong fragrance of books overflow in our factory and home, and let the reading life accompany every step of the company's growth. May all colleagues have gains in the reading activities, and be more confident and fulfilled towards the good and the future!

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