Projects under research:


Anti snake venom serum project


Anti rabies serum research project


COVID-19 Antiserum Research Project


Other projects under research

Major research projects undertaken:


We have established a long-term talent introduction mechanism with Nanchang University, Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Jinggangshan University, and continue to provide high-quality management, technology and R&D talents for the company.


Undertake the "Four Basic Industrial Projects in Jiangxi Province" in 2020

Scientific research achievements:

The company has applied for two national invention patents (virus inactivation technology, column chromatography purification technology) in the field of antiserum by taking advantage of its own advantages, and has obtained 22 utility model patents; At the same time, three new antiserum varieties have been developed, and their process research and development technology will fill the domestic blank.

Partial patent display:

An energy-saving sewage treatment device
A multifunctional turnover drum for biologics production
A tray loading device for ampoules
A product weighing and pushing device
A kind of multi-functional liquid level positioning rod
An auxiliary device for tray divider

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