Strive for Development Based on the Frontier and Dance in the Wind - 2021 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference



In today's world, the development of biomedical industry is unstoppable. Whoever seizes the opportunity of the biomedical era and the commanding heights of future development will be able to achieve lane changing, gear shifting and acceleration, and leapfrog overtaking. Jiangxi Biotech is at a critical stage of accumulation, listing development, transformation and upgrading. Vigorously developing is the only way for the company to adapt to a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform, an inevitable requirement for implementing the goal of "setting an example and competing bravely", and an important tipping point to promote the company's high-quality leapfrog development. In order to further summarize and speed up, Jiangxi Biotech held the 2021 annual work summary and advanced recognition conference in the training center on the third floor at 15:00 on January 25, 2021. All the staff gathered together with laughter. Mr. Xiao Ying, the representative of the Company's controlling shareholders, Chairman Liu Yurui, General Manager Yao Xiaodong and senior executives at home attended the meeting. The office conducted live broadcast in the WeChat group of "Jiangsheng Home".
At the meeting, Hu Xiande, Executive Vice President of the Company, first read out the Work Summary Report of the Company in 2021 on behalf of the management team. The report summarized the achievements of the company in 2021, in which all staff earnestly implemented the spirit of the work conference at the beginning of the year, carried forward the spirit of innovation and striving to overcome the difficulties such as epidemic situation and price rise, participated in new technological transformation, vigorously promoted IPO, improved the image of the external platform, organized supply to ensure production, refined management to improve quality, open source to save flow and control costs, promoted research and development to a new height, boldly blazed new trails, and bravely innovated. The report is divided into five parts to report the main achievements and measures in 2021, focusing on the market development and management efforts, high-end R&D talents, internal control system construction, human resource composition and other issues, and formulating the adjustment of marketing management mechanism and optimizing the marketing team; Strengthen the guarantee of production capacity and improve production efficiency; Strengthen the construction of quality system; We will take reform measures to ensure supply, reduce costs, improve the business of financial personnel, enhance the professional quality of all employees, develop talent reserves, and improve the company's management system. It was put forward that 2022 will always implement the overall goal of "improving quality, creating brands, seizing the market, being a leader, increasing benefits, and going to the main board", take "improving management quality, standardizing management behavior" as the main line, promote the construction of a new development pattern with Jiangxi biological cycle as the main body, medical and American medicine, agricultural and animal husbandry medicine double cycle mutual promotion, focus on product upgrading and scientific and technological innovation, and focus on "the needs of the people" and "the needs of patients", "Jiangxi produces high-quality products", "Jiangxi famous brand", and promote the effective connection between the company's development and listing. With the concept of high quality leapfrog development, we have made great efforts in the characteristic advantages of antitoxin and immune serum products. We have widely gathered consensus, drawn the largest concentric circle, and promoted "demonstration, courage, and benchmarking" to be more dynamic, more effective in the performance of employees, and more distinctive image of Jiangsheng. Strive to highlight Jiangsheng's responsibility, show Jiangsheng's achievements and make Jiangsheng's contributions in the new development pattern of innovation and excellence.
Mr. Ji Chong, the deputy general manager of the company, read out the commendation bulletin of advanced collectives and individuals in 2021. The leaders of the company awarded honorary certificates and bonuses to 1 advanced group, 1 outstanding contribution award, 1 special contribution award, 14 advanced workers, 4 technical transformation pacesetters and 3 IPO pacesetters. Encourage everyone to learn their spirit of love, dedication, discipline, obedience to management, unity and cooperation; Learn their professional ethics of sincerity, truth-seeking and dedication; Learn from their down-to-earth, hardworking and down-to-earth work style.
Mr. Yao Xiaodong, the general manager of the company, further summarized the experience from a strategic perspective and put forward new requirements and objectives. In an extraordinary year, all the staff were full and busy, and won more than 10 honors such as Jiangxi Excellent Enterprise, Jiangxi Boutique, Jiangxi Famous Brand Product, etc. These achievements and honors will play a great role in the promotion and development of the company's IPO work. It has been approved by five provincial and municipal platforms, among which the provincial specialized, special and new giant has been approved by experts, laying a solid foundation for the application of national specialized, special and new giant. The platform application has achieved remarkable results, which has played a good leading role in improving the company's external image. The technological transformation project of Xilin bottle was successfully completed, laying a solid foundation for the company's subsequent development. After years of efforts, the progress of research and development of new technologies and new products has been accelerated. The company's new products, such as freeze-dried rabies vaccine for human use, snake venom serum, COVID-19 serum and other products, are in a promising development situation, opening a new chapter for the company to enter the vaccine industry. The IPO work has been welcomed by law firms, clubs and intermediaries, and the listing has entered the stage of speed up, laying a solid foundation for entering the capital market in 2022. The achievement of the five happiness achievements is the result of our joint efforts, the best return to investors, and the inevitable development of the company. Thousands of sails are sailing and hundreds of barges are competing for the current. We should be soberly aware of the five weaknesses, namely, the decline in sales, the imperfect internal control system, the failure of informatization construction to keep up with the pace of enterprise development, the need to improve management standards, and the shortage of high-end talents. We must strengthen our sense of mission, urgency and crisis, find a breakthrough and a starting point, make precise efforts and intensive cultivation, develop the company's economy in an all-round and systematic way, and strive to occupy a "due place" in the national territory. At the meeting, Yao Xiaodong, the general manager, made arrangements for improving product sales in 2022, speeding up the registration of technological transformation, accelerating the implementation and transformation of R&D projects, promoting the IPO process, and strengthening information construction. In 2022, we will closely focus on the overall goal of "improving quality, creating brand, seizing the market, being a leader, increasing efficiency, and going to the main board", take "improving management quality, standardizing management behavior" as the main line, take ideas to solve problems, take multiple measures simultaneously, forge ahead bravely, and strive to promote the joint-stock company to achieve strategic innovation and leapfrog development with new combat effectiveness, new spiritual outlook, and new work style, Strive to make new contributions in the pattern of innovation, excellence and new development. At last, I sent the New Year's greetings and best wishes to all the staff.
Mr. Liu Yurui, the chairman of the joint-stock company, interpreted the work achievements in the past year from the perspective of the company's development and listing, boosted the work confidence of all employees, and portrayed a higher and longer development vision for the company. Chairman Liu Yurui extended heartfelt congratulations to the advanced departments and individuals who were commended, and expressed sincere thanks to the employees who fought hard in all positions. In the new year, the company should focus on scientific and technological innovation, accelerate technological innovation and talent team construction, and create a new economic ecology of "rainforest type". We should lead the "bull's nose" of independent innovation, strive to create a provincial and national level technology innovation platform, precisely implement key technology tackling actions, and strive to form more core technologies with independent intellectual property rights; We will improve the innovation incentive mechanism, promote the recruitment, retention and use of talents, and let the company's talents surge. It is hoped that all employees will continue to improve themselves, improve the overall strength of the company, promote the implementation of various work objectives throughout the year with a new look, new goals and new measures, and strive to create a new situation for the rapid development of the company.
Mr. Xiao Ying, the representative of the controlling shareholder, brought investors' ardent hopes and good wishes for the development of the company. I sent my boss's wishes to all employees of Jiangxi Biotech for the New Year. I hope that in the new year, we will thoroughly implement the company's overall goals, focus on key areas, precisely deepen the industrial track, and accelerate the cultivation of new industrial advantages. The key to making biomedicine better and stronger is to strengthen the engine, not only to double the "quantity", but also to achieve a leap in "quality". To help the company develop rapidly with high quality, to pursue perfection and create a new attitude of excellence, to work more solidly, to do everything well, to constantly create new heights, and to work together to realize the dream of Jiangsheng.
The company has unlimited development potential and Jiangsheng Land has unlimited hope! Let's firmly seize the opportunity of the times for the company's development, strengthen confidence, work hard and unswervingly, aim at the first-class "coordinate system", come up with first-class "hard measures", strive for first-class "good results", promote the company's economic leapfrog development, and strive to create a new realm of high-quality leapfrog development.

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