Remember to stick to the "epidemic" line of Jiang Sheng people's different mid-autumn festival



[Jiang Sheng] moon cake contains great care

--Keep in mind the Mid-Autumn Festival of Jiang Sheng people who keep the "Epidemic" line

       The moon is extraordinarily bright at mid-autumn, and love is the strongest at mid-autumn. Today, it is the time of Mid-Autumn Festival again. For Jiang Sheng people, this year's Mid-Autumn Festival is special. The epidemic hit, the citizens of Ji'an "principle home", the company part of the people adhere to the post, into closed production, part of the home office. In this Mid-Autumn Festival, some people may be able to reunite with their families, some people will be alone to enjoy the moon, and others remain at their posts, silently guarding the company's front line, fighting in various positions, with more powerful, more thoughtful, more warm initiatives, the original intention written in action, written in the closed production of the attack, building a solid safety and production quality line of defense.

       September 10, is the company since the outbreak of the Ji'an epidemic into the closed management of the seventh day, but also the annual Mid-Autumn Festival! With the first ray of sunshine, a holiday card with a sense of ceremony appeared in the first time in the Jiang Sheng WeChat group, the card reads "The epidemic has no mercy, people have mercy, Jiang Sheng has great love. On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, President Jing Yue and General Manager Yao Xiaodong wish you and your family members who are fighting on the front line of epidemic closure and working at home full of happiness and health! May the epidemic disperse as soon as possible, may the mountains and rivers be unharmed and all the earth be safe!" The first ray of blessing of the holiday season was brought to all employees.

       In the case of the closed-loop management in the well development area and the three districts of Ji'an, in order to let the front-line employees have a good Mid-Autumn Festival, the chairman instructed "the company should do its best to provide the front-line employees with a joyful and harmonious Mid-Autumn Festival." Although we could not be reunited with our relatives during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the chairman's affectionate care and strong feelings for the employees made them feel deeply. The general manager, because he had the staff in his heart, was thinking about how to make the staff reunion and have a good festival with them. For this reason, he personally arranged and held a special Mid-Autumn Festival for the front-line staff under the difficulties of the epidemic. He put into practice the service concept of "I do practical things for employees" with practical actions. All the employees worked together and took immediate action. In the face of the difficulty that most stores were closed and the supply of goods in the market was extremely scarce, the office contacted through many channels and assigned the home office staff to go out for procurement with good protection. Early that morning, the home office staff drove their own car to Ji'an County's major supermarkets and distribution points to purchase fresh ingredients and moon cakes, the first time to the factory entrance, handed over to the kitchen staff stationed in the factory to disinfect, sorting, cleaning. While working, the front-line employees in the factory send their congratulations to their families, relatives and friends and home office employees. After the completion of the job, everyone actively played the spirit of active complement in the usual work, from the technical backbone into service personnel, enthusiastically participated in cutting vegetables, washing vegetables, passing dishes, brushing dishes, a good time the company's back kitchen showed a good busy and lively scene, the dinner, we exchange glasses, enjoy the hard-won wine and food. During the dinner, Mr. Yao mobilized everyone to open the video with their families and friends, and everyone encouraged each other through the screen while chatting about family affairs and eating delicious food. The employees said, "Eating delicious food with our relatives and chatting with our friends is the happiest thing in life for us". Some of them said, "When our hearts are together, it is Mid-Autumn Festival, and when we get together online, it is also a reunion. I hope that with the joint efforts of the whole society, we can win this war without smoke and mirrors as soon as possible." Everyone was laughing and talking, the atmosphere was cordial, and the laughter filled the whole restaurant and resounded over the whole Jiang Sheng! With the support of their families and friends, the staff had more confidence and higher fighting spirit.

       With the epidemic in front of us and the mission on our shoulders, our general manager Yao Xiaodong showed his commitment with practical actions and went deep into the front line to understand the situation. From safety hazard investigation to the implementation of disinfection and disinfestation work, from the care and concern of special positions to the psychological guidance of front-line personnel, every place and every work, personally check and ask questions, and find the first time to implement the rectification of problems. In the mid-autumn activity, he sent the most sincere holiday greetings to the staff stationed in the factory who are sticking to the "epidemic" line, and wished all Jiang Sheng people and their families a happy mid-autumn! General manager Yao Xiaodong highly praised that in the most difficult moment of the epidemic, you still firmly chose to respond to the company's call to be the epidemic "retrograde", and it was you who gave up the opportunity to go home for reunion, and with the spirit of "sacrificing the little family and caring for the big family", and with the sense of the overall situation, you ensured that the production of the company during the epidemic closed management period would be stable. The work seems to be ordinary, but it is because you gave up the opportunity to reunite with your families and worked around the clock with the staff of the "epidemic" line that the production tasks of the company in September were successfully completed. Today, you still can't get together with your families, but if "everyone" is stable, "small family" will be happy. You have faithfully fulfilled your beliefs, responsibilities and actions, so you will not disgrace your mission!

We all gathered together to have a reunion dinner, taste the Mid-Autumn cake and enjoy the warm moon according to the local customs. Under the auspices of the general manager, we all enjoyed the moon, ate moon cakes, told stories about the Mid-Autumn Festival in our hometown, and thought about the wonderful moments of reunion with our families; the old employees recalled the wonderful memories of building a factory in the well development area in 2003, which added more joyful colors to the festival. The employees smiled and said their Mid-Autumn Festival wishes, "I hope to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible, so that we can have good times together in the future." The different Mid-Autumn Festival under the epidemic made every employee here really feel the company's intention and the high attention and humanistic care from the company's leadership to all employees for the front-line staff!

Mid-autumn is reunion, perseverance, but also dedication! There are party members in the front line, the front line, there are closed staff all-out production, guarding the quality, there are participating in the district nucleic acid testing volunteers to serve the public, selfless dedication, there are all the staff together to fight the epidemic, overcome the difficulties, do not retreat because of difficulties, not complacent because of achievements, not slack because of the holiday, firm confidence and determination not to waver, the goal of winning the war of annihilation to prevent and control the epidemic will certainly be achieved as soon as possible. Let's hold together, "epidemic" forward, consolidate the hard-earned results of epidemic prevention and control, and meet tomorrow's better reunion.

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