Jiangxi Biological Party Branch:

Jiangxi Biological Party Branch: The company established a non-public economic party branch in September 2002, and now has 21 party members. There are 3 members of the branch committee. 5 senior management party members, 9 middle and basic level management and technical party members, and 7 front-line ordinary party members; There are 6 female Party members. In the face of danger and danger, Party members take the initiative and dare to take the responsibility, and their vanguard and exemplary role is outstanding. The Party branch took the initiative to actively participate in the management and decision-making of the company's "Three Importances and One Greatness". The Party building work has its own characteristics and highlights, and the branch plays a good role as a battleground. It has successively won the provincial advanced party organization in non-public enterprises, the first grass-roots party organization in Ji'an City, the first six good branches, and the excellent party branch. It has been awarded the district's advanced grass-roots party organization for many consecutive years, and has many excellent party workers and outstanding party members.

Branch Honors:

Advanced grass-roots party organization
Demonstration Party Branch
Honor Certificate
Ji'an City
Good brand of party building work
Advanced grass-roots party organizations in 2016
Provincial non-public economic group-advanced party organization
Jinggangshan Economic and Technological Development Zone Biomedical Health Industry Alliance

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