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Training Record of Jingda Interns

To strengthen the self construction and knowledge updating of the interns assigned to our institute by Jinggangshan University Medical College, and improve the theoretical and practical knowledge of drug GMP. Liu Xiao'an, the head of the production department of the company, and Ji Chong, the chief technical engineer of the R&D department, together with Li Chuanji, the head of the section of the Municipal Food and Drug Administration, held the pre job quality education and tetanus antitoxin production process procedures training classes for interns at the meeting on the second floor of our office building at the end of November 2008.


Yao Xiaodong, General Manager, attended the pharmaceutical industry research meeting hosted by Qiang Wei, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee

Focusing on the theme of accelerating the development of the province's bio pharmaceutical industry, Qiang Wei, the secretary of the provincial party committee, conducted a one-day special research in enterprises and universities on April 6, and then hosted the eighth enterprise monthly conference on April 7 to listen to the opinions and suggestions of relevant enterprise leaders. He emphasized that promoting the cluster development of bio pharmaceutical industry is the refocusing of our province's cultivation of strategic emerging industries and an important measure to achieve transformation and upgrading development.   Provincial leaders Zhu Hong, Gong Jianhua, Xie Ru and Li Yihuang accompanied the survey or participated in the symposium.


Focusing on Party members of non-public enterprises in our region to play a leading role

Three party members and two activists from the system office of Jiangxi Hangsheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. have passed the "four in one" system certification of the globally unified quality management system, management system, occupational health and safety management system and hazardous substances management system after two years of efforts. The company won the "First Mayor's Quality Award" in Ji'an City in 2015 and became a demonstration enterprise of scientific and technological innovation in Jiangxi Province, Currently, it is applying for the provincial governor's quality award (Jinggang Quality Award). Liu Ruidan, Ouyang Suying and Dai Haiyan, three Party members, also led Lan Xing and Peng Yanping, two other employees of the System Office, to become activists of the company's Party branch. This year, Zou Zhengping, the secretary of the company's Party branch, was rated as an outstanding Communist Party member in Ji'an City and became the party representative of Jiangxi Province and Ji'an City. This is a microcosm of the political leading role played by the Party organizations and members of non-public enterprises in the development of enterprises in the Economic Development Zone.


The first election meeting of Jiang Sheng Women's Federation was successfully held

In order to further strengthen the organizational construction work of the company's women's federation and continuously expand the organizational coverage and work coverage of the company's women's federation,


Watching the grand event and talking about the feelings--Jiansheng Party members watched the opening ceremony of the 20th Party Congress

On October 16, 2022, the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China kicked off at 10:00 a.m. in the morning with great expectation. Jiangxi Biological Party Branch organized the party members and cadres to watch the live broadcast of the 20th National Congress in the conference room on the third floor of the company, and witness the historical moment of national attention and world attention together.


Ji'an Municipal Government Inspector Deng Shubin research guidance listed

On October 17, 2022, Deng Shubin, a first-class inspector of Ji'an Municipal Government, visited our company to investigate the progress of enterprise listing preparation work, accompanied by Xiao Kaiyu, director of the Municipal Finance Office, Li Xiaoyu, deputy director of Jingkai District, and other six people, and warmly received by Yao Xiaodong, general manager of our company!


Remember to stick to the "epidemic" line of Jiang Sheng people's different mid-autumn festival

The moon is extraordinarily bright at mid-autumn, and love is the strongest at mid-autumn. Today, it is the time of Mid-Autumn Festival again. For Jiang Sheng people, this year's Mid-Autumn Festival is special. The epidemic hit, the citizens of Ji'an "principle home", the company part of the people adhere to the post, into closed production, part of the home office. In this Mid-Autumn Festival, some people may be able to reunite with their families, some people will be alone to enjoy the moon, and others remain at their posts, silently guarding the company's front line, fighting in various positions, with more powerful, more thoughtful, more warm initiatives, the original intention written in action, written in the closed production of the attack, building a solid safety and production quality line of defense.


The whole staff of Jiangxi Biologicals fought against the epidemic with all their might to keep production

Since August 30, some of the surrounding counties (districts) in the Jingkai District regular full nucleic acid screening found a number of positive cases. In order to achieve the goal of "not losing control of the epidemic, not losing speed of the economy, not losing security" in the region, the Jinggangshan Economic and Technological Development Zone Epidemic Prevention and Control Command issued a notice on September 3, requiring all enterprises in the area to implement the "three no's" since September 4 at 8:00. Only out and not in the fully closed management.


Chairman Jing Yue's keynote event at the 2022 Resilient Cities Development and Technology Emergency Symposium

On August 21, the 2022 Seminar on Resilient Urban Development and Scientific and Technological Emergencies, hosted by the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Southern University of Science and Technology and the Institute of Risk Analysis, Prediction and Control, organized by Jiangxi Institute of Biological Products Co. and directed by the China Earthquake Emergency Search and Rescue Center of the Ministry of Emergency Management and Shenzhen Emergency Bureau, was held at the Shenzhen Talent Training Institute.


Jiangxi Bio-assisted Automatic External Defibrillator Donation Ceremony Held Successfully

On the morning of August 12, a grand donation ceremony was held in the 503 reception room of Ji'an Red Cross Society as scheduled. Yang Feng, secretary of the party group and executive vice president of the Municipal Red Cross Society, Deng Zhisheng, member of the party group and full-time deputy supervisor, Zhou Qinghua, member of the party group and full-time vice president; Yao Xiaodong, general manager of the company, Kang Wei Shan, director of the office, and some cadres and workers of the Municipal Red Cross Society and the Municipal Red Cross Foundation attended the donation ceremony.


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